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So my deck right now isn't great. It crushes my friends decks but only because we just started playing together. I could use some advice. The focus is on werewolves/mass creatures/ mass creature dmg.


Forest: 12
Mountain: 7

3x Mayor of Avabruck
1x Kruin Outlaw
1x Villagers of Estwald
1x Mondronen Shaman
1x Kessig Cagebreakers
1x Reckless Waif
2x Hanweir Watchkeeps
1x Grizzled Outcasts
1x Scorned Villager
1x Daybreak Ranger
1x Gatstaf Sheperd
1x Afflicted Deserter
1x Ulven wald Mystics
1x Wolfbitten Captive
3x Immerwolf
1x Huntmaster of the Fellis

1x Chandra, the Firebrand
1x Garruck Relentless
1x Garruck, Primal Hunter

3x Moonmist
3x Hunger of the Howlpack

2x Increasing Savagery

2x Wreath of Geists
4x Full Moon's Rise

1x Pennon Blade
1x Butcher's Cleaver

I know that this isn't a great deck so be gentle. I really like it because it has provided results against people who have just started playing like myself. I would really appreciate some advice on where to go with it. I know there isn't a lot of multiples in it as well . I am totally susceptible against creature countered decks. Please help! Thanks a lot!


ps. I want to build a blue black zombie deck next!

Go post this in casual, you'll get more answer
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Welcome to the forums. You want to repost this in the Casual Play forum below. Also, use the autocard feature to let people quickly look up your cards. This will net you a lot more responses.

To autocard: [*c]Butcher's Cleaver[*/c] without *s becomes Butcher's Cleaver. Make sure to spell the card names correctly.

You can also autocard entire decklists:

12 Mountain
12 Forest
4 Raging Goblin
4 Brute Force

without the *s becomes

Some fundamential advices, though, without even looking at the cards:

1) Get more lands in there. 24 is the established rule of thumb for a 60 card deck. Your land base is not the place to cut into to get more spells in. You need those lands to cast your spells in the first place. The cure for mana flood is not cutting lands, which will cause the even more serious problem of mana screw, but to ensure, that you can use that mana. This can be done by having activated abilities to spend it on (Jade Mage,...), or to use the land cards to pay for costs (Icatian Crier, Monstrify, Gruul Guildmage, ...)

2) Use full playsets (4 copies) of your key cards, if possible. This increases consistency and ensures, that your deck plays like you want it in every game.
Hey folks,

Moving this to Casual Play

A good start is to start weeding out the '1 ofs' and get 4 of the cards you really like or find effective. It's especially helpful to do this in regards to each's mana cost as well.

For example:  

8 X 1 cost creatures so you have a good chance of starting with one, getting you off to a good start. You include 4 X waif and captive.

Now we move to two drops: Gotta love the mayor effect and you want to run some of the more expensive wolves, so you include 4 mayors. You probably don't want to see too much mana accel and not enough bulk so 3 scorned villagers is probably fine. 

Pick your favorite between daybreak and outlaw. Something like 4 of one and 2 of the other or just 4 of 1. Immerwolf is cool, but sometimes the effect hurts with huntmaster. Probably no more than 10 creatures total here

Finish with huntmaster and a handful of those PW's. Your spells are fairly cheap so you can probably run something like 22 lands. You can finish with some moonmists or lightning bolts and other burn for the quicker win, or something like hull breach to play the longer game.

This all just example, so let's hear what cards you really enjoy! 

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