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So I was looking over her stats in the Dragonmarked sourcebook, and she doesn't appear to have the Mark of Shadow...? And she doesn't even have Favored in House which, isn't AS important but I expected the matron of a Dragonmark House to have the actual dragonmark..lol
She does have silent image 1/day spell-like ability, so maybe that's supposed to be her Dragonmarked ability but Mark of Shadow doesn't cast that spell, maybe a typo? Supposed to be minor image?
I'm traveling and don't have access to sourcebooks, so I can't say whether this is a mistake or not. However, it is the case that rank in the house isn't dependent on possession of a mark or PC class levels. Generally the admins won't be the best at the hands-on work the house does because their job is management and diplomacy. Jorasco doesn't want its best healer wasted in a boardroom, and Lyrandar wants stormshapers out changing the weather, not sitting in meetings. There are definite exceptions to this... But typically, the people with the most powerful marks and functional talents will be using those skills in the field, while the leaders will be those who are best at the slills of administration.
Thanks Keith, that crossed my mind as well. Especially for House Phiarlan because of their intelligence community and the Serpentine Table. The sourcebook also mentioned Taen Shol d'Phiarlen, seneschal of the Shadow Demesne is just a 'mouthpeice' for the ST. So it made me think, maybe Elvinor is too to some extent (plus she's a bit of a celeb as I imagine), especially considering every other demesne leader (except Shape) is a Dragonmark Heir...

Maybe its nothing but its also an interesting perspective to take IMO.
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