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I'm thinking of having a rapier as an item familiar.  Im playing a rogue 3, swashbuckler 3, sword sage 6 that is supposed to sneak attack often and
(hopefully) crit fairly often. I have a budget of a total of 88 thousand gold but some of that is for amgic items and armor and stuff.  I have the mercantile backround feat so my weapon is only going to be 75% cost.

i was wondering what special ability i should choose for my weapon familiar for 10th level and also what enchantments i should get for it.

i was thinking the free +1 special ability for the familiar and maybe keen, speed and prismatic burst maybe?

(also if you have any good items or armor abilities that would be great.) 
Prismatic Burst is 30k. That's a really pricey boost.

You probably just want +x Wounding. 2 pts of Con loss on a crit will be hard to keep up with. +X means you will hit with more attacks, do higher base damage, and thus generate more crits. Can't crit if you can't hit in the first place.

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The con loss from wounding is not increased with a crit.  But wounding is still worth it.  I'd add keen since rapiers benefit from it greatly.  +1 keen, wounding rapier is 'only'32k.

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