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Field report for D&D Encounters: The Elder Elemental Eye (Week 6) now available at Dungeon's Check out our D&D Encounters Archive for weekly write-ups, actual play podcasts and new pre-generated characters.

I ran the encounter twice. Both parties had fun exploring the dungeon before the fight. Lots of great role-playing. The first group found the fight tough, but smart tactics made all the difference for the PCs. The other table had no party cohesion or cooperation which led to a TPK.

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I killed two characters and almost a third. One of those KIA was playing a brand-new first level character, but I feel no pity -- he was killed by friendly fire after agreeing to allow the mage to use Burning Hands. The second was killed by one lucky blow from one of the Templars.

Interestingly, they had more trouble from this encounter than last week's, for two reasons: one, they had no Leader (he couldn't show this week), and two, there were fewer bad guy minions -- the party has two controllers (sort of three, the way the elementalist is built), which led to the minions getting moved into groups and mowed down by Area powers. This time, almost all the foes were beefy enough to resist one solid hit and keep fighting. 

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TiaNadiezja wrote:
My group isn't big on party tactics and had a rough time. Several people went below zero and one was 1 HP away from dead dead.

The exploring before hand was pretty entertaining. While exploring the trap door in the kitchen the Warlock tried pushing the Ranger into the pit. The Ranger managed to hold on and tried a reversal to no avail. The Cleric decided to just go for it and jumped in the pit.

Two PCs, Genasi Elementalist and a Dwarven Fighter, were captured last week. The Dwarf, a young kid, was getting tired of his character and wanted to try a Warforged. I converted one of the Dwarven bunkers into a lab. A mad Dwarven alchemist/wizard had completed his dark ritual giving his new warforged creation life by transferring the soul of the party Dwarf into the new body. When the mad Dwarf ordered the Warforged, named Machine, to attack he was abruptly thrown into a book case on the other side of the room. The party had found one of their captured comrades.

After exploring some more they found the Norker's sleeping quarters. Inside the room on the west they found a strange sight. A female Norker had a Genasi in her lap rocking him back and forth. The Gensai, named Shifty, had a bonnet and pacifier in his mouth. His hands were bound with a rattler, in reality it was a dagger with a bag of dried beans wrapped around the blade. The Elementalist had to sit out for a lot of exploring and the fight from last week so he received a gift. ;) They dispatched the Norker and saved Shifty.

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The party at my table had to be railroaded slightly to get to the main part of the encounter, missing out on exploring several of the rooms, due to wasting a lot of time with non-game related chat. Even pointing out that the enemies in the shrine had "heard them" and prepared to defend themselves didnt get the message across.

A mis-read of the hunters Rapid Shot power (my fault too, for not being more watchful) resulted in the minions posing no threat what so ever - the biggest problem they had was when the new player's cavalier turned on the party because the hunter "stole his kill" against the templar.

"Well that encounter was, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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