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Does ebberon regularly have plumbing?  We're in the port town of Galethspyre, river hub of the dagger river in Breland.  While i figure Breland is a forward place after the great war, im just wondering in general if prospering cities in Ebberon have basic plumbing (sinks and toilets, since public baths are pretty easy as a yes).

This is a question from my PCs, some of which are general germophobes in real life and shudder at the thought of medieval uhh. . . hygiene. 
I think so yes, especially say in Sharn.  How it works IDK.  Magic, mechanical, both?  I remember in Keith Baker's book City of Towers they talked about plumbing a little because they were in the sewers a couple of times.  I think there was another Eberron novel I read that mentioned disposing of waste via magic but I can't remember which one...  Could have been the same book but yes there is plumbing and toilets and sinks, at least in my mind yes.
Eberron does have plumbing, which often employs magic at some level. Low level magic is relatively widespread in the major cities of Eberron. In Sharn, we see that purify water is incorporated into the sewer/reclaimation system of Sharn; the heat/cold applications of prestidigitation could be easily adapted for a magical water heater. In Aundair and luxurious establishments elsewhere you will find cleansing stones, which use the anti-soiling principles of prestidigitation to clean whoever touches it; IIRC, one of these appears in The Queen of Stone.
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