04/05/2012 TD: "10 Questions: Everything Delver"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Top Decks article, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
I remember not long after Innistrad came out, and some players were talking about slapping Runechanter's Pike on Delver of Secrets and Invisible Stalker. A lot of players, especially the more experienced, Spike-type players, told them they were stupid. That the cards were bad. Obviously these early decks weren't attacking the deck from the right angle, but they had the basic idea, and certainly saw the potential of those cards.

On a tangent, I think it's impossible to talk about all of those cards together without mentioning Vapor Snag!  
Could Delver of Secrets ever match the utter dominance that Preordain achieved? GP Dallas had 32 copies of Preordian in the top 8 and 60 copies in the top 16 as I recall. Once Delver reaches these levels, since it attacks for 3 instead of simply filters your draws, could it face the banhammer? 
Attacking for three doesn't help those "evil" combo decks (see also: damn near all the Modern banlist), nor would banning it help dance around having to ban Tarmogoyf (see also: Nacatl)
Ban Delver!
Is anyone else tired of seeing the most popular/best deck in standard be UW tempo/aggro-control? First it was StoneJace, then a few brief months of mostly PrimeTime, and now it's back to endless rounds of Delver. Hopefully AVR shakes things up a bit.
"Why doesn't blue have hardcore aggro?"

Was a question that they answered... and I still can't figure out why.

When a deck plays only 3 cards and the rest don't matter, and you see the same three damn cards over, and over, and over again you know someone seriously screwed the pooch. It stopped being such a large problem with the advent of tokens but there are still a large amount of cards that have only one goal and that is playing delver and hitting for the win.

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I love crushing delver with burn.   It's like an auto bye
It's not really difficult to see why Delver is both good and bad - yeah, bad is the easier place to start, because if you don't have enough sorceries or instants, it just never flips. But good is still pretty obvious - Wild Nacatl is banned, and Kird Ape, Loam Lion, Steppe Lynx and Nimble Mongoose are all great if your deck is set up to power them up.

I think the main mistake that people made in evaluating Delver was that 1) it isn't as hard to flip Delver as we thought, 2) it's a better threat when it does flip that we realized and 3) the support cards are there to make a powerful deck that Delver is good in; playing enough instants and sorceries doesn't have to push a deck into the control range, where Delver would just be an undersized threat. More subtly, running out a Delver on turn 1 is perfect for an aggro-control deck like this because even if it doesn't flip for a few turns, it's still a legitimate threat when it does flip, and then the deck can spend later turns playing scarier threats (like Geist), keeping mana up for counterspells or setting up its future hands with Ponders that get better as the game progresses.

Really, Delver is just the newest iteration of Counter Sliver.