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i just want to give a bigg thank you to Raddu and the work you do on athas.org. i have enjoyed your articles and look forward to reading more of them, so please keep up the good work. Its great to see that site active again. 
Great! You're welcome and I'm glad to be able to release some old articles as well as get new stuff rolling.
Agreed! Really nice to see that content (and new content) shining brightly again. I loved that interview and review with Rob Schwalb too!

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My thoughts exactly, was thinking today about sending you a word to thank you. I found your blog on the nibenese campaign and I thought it was awesome for my campaign (one of my character is a warlock with a pact with Ul-Athra). And for the articles on athas.org... they are so interesting !.

Thanks again, have a good day.
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