Introducing DM Minion: Digital Combat/Encounter Tracker for the iPad

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DM Minion is a easy to use and robust combat tracking tool for D&D4e.

Get it on the app store:

For more info visit:


Download .DND4e and .MONSTER XML for import via the myMinion website (Requires Internet Access) Manage Players, Monsters and Encounters
Manage all aspects of a 4e combat (Initiative, HP, Powers, Conditions, and more...)
Manage players Rests and milestones outside of combat
Dice roller
Save your Adventure state on your device, for use outside of WIFI or Internet areas.

DM Minion Version 1.1 is now available with a permanant PRICE REDUCTION!

New easier to use Damage and Healing control
Add and edit players
Add and edit monsters 
DDI imports are no longer requried for players and monsters 
Revamped power attacks for more complex powers

See it on the APP Store!

A Free Version of DM Minion, DM Minion Lite is now available.
Just downloaded app and it seems pretty useful.  Is there a place to get instructions for it?  The website has nothing.  I don't seem to be able to change adventures to work on them, don't know where to download monsters from, can download characters from ddi but can't bring them up to edit or add to an adventure, and a few other questions as well.
rrrsenal, you can view the quick guide here: it should cover most things, if you have any other questions please emails us from the Contact page and we will help in anyway we can.
Android Support is here!

DM Minion and DM Minon Lite are now available on Google Play for android tablets!

DM Minion

DM Minion Lite
DM Minion is now available for Windows and Mac desktops!

you can download it at
I've done a rather poor job of letting everyone know when updates were available to this application. There have been quite a few updates since release, here are notes!

DM Minion v1.9 Update
Added Use Action Point action to Other Actions menu to deduct AP from Monster/Player if available
Added popup alerts if AP is used or not
Added Player View for dual monitor setups (Desktop Only)
Added basic update checking (Desktop Only)

DM Minion v1.8 Update
Added option to auto number monsters when combat starts.
Added option to auto letter (A-Z) monsters when combat starts.
Added field to Combatant Summary(right swipe) screen to override generated label.
Increased size of buttons on the Damage/Healing Calculator to better utilize room available.
Weaknesses, Immunities, and Resistances are now extracted from XML and shown on the Combatant Summary.
Creatures with natural regeneration will now automatically have the regeneration condition added to them when combat starts.

DM Minion v1.5 Update
Tweaked combatant list to better utilize space
Fixed bug where Defense bonuses were not updated on the combatant when added

DM Minion v1.3 Update
Fixed issue with Initiative Bonus Saving/Loading
Fixed issue with Target and Range Saving/Loading
Increased default font to 12

DM Minion v1.2 Update
Fixed data sync issues when loading adventures when a adventure was already created.
myMinion login is now saved the first time you log in.

DM Minion v1.1 Update
The Damage and healing slider control will be replaced by a "calculator" type control, that is less cumbersome to use.
Player and Monster stats and Powers will now addable by creating them with out side using the DDI Import. Only a name will be required for users that want to track minimal amounts of player data.
Most player/Monster stats and powers will now be editable via the edit screen.
Fixed issue in DDI import that would cause monster's Secondary Attacks to not show their damage rolls.
v1.21 is coming soon and adds one very exciting feature!
We have added all 5000+ D&D 4E Monster files into the app. Once its released you can add monsters without using the website!

Players and any custom monsters can still be added using the website!
DM Minion 4E v1.23

DM Minion 4E v1.23 just released, check out whats new.

  • New DM Minion Icon

  • Reworked Adventure screen

  • Dropbox account integration for...

  • ...Adventure Upload/Download

  • ...DND4e file Download

  • ...Monster file Download

  • account integration for...

  • ...Account Creation

  • ...Adventure Upload/Download

  • ...DND4e file Download

  • ...Monster file Download

  • Autosave no longer creates a separate AUTOSAVE- file, The adventure is now updated when the application is closed.

  • Added ability to import Players and Monsters form another adventure file on your device.

  • Added ability to clone a monster inside an adventure.

  • Added an option to force a popup alert whenever conditions end

  • Added ability to set player initiative via text box as well as the slider

  • Fixed bug where keyword, range, and targets would not save/load properly

  • Fixed bug where removing a combatant from combat was not working

  • Fixed bug with the power use slider

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