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Are Shadar-Kai allowed as a playable race in LFR? The rules have changed and expanded so many times that I can't seem to find a definitive answer. Thanks.
Short answer: yes, you can (and they've been allowed for some time).  IIRC, the rules for shadar-kai as PCs come from a Dragon article, and, as per the Campaign Guide, all Dragon content (except for Unearthed Arcana articles) is legal in LFR.

Just to note: these particular message boards are an old, "legacy" forum, a leftover from the period before WotC rebuilt the forums into the "Wizards Community", and created a separate group (and forum) for LFR.  As a legacy forum, this set of message boards sees very little traffic (as the VCL for the RPGA, I come back here every couple of days, just to see if anyone's stumbled in here by mistake).

The new LFR boards see quite a bit of traffic, and are regularly monitored by the LFR campaign staff.  You can find them here:

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Hope this helps!
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