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So, I'm beginning to plan an Eberron campaign/game after I finish my current Forgotten Realms campaign, which is probably 6 months or so off. 
I've spent more than 10 years running in the realms, reading novels and sourcebooks since AD&D and their decisions regarding my favorite places and dieties have finally put me in a mindset to explore new worlds of D&D. I've been slowly reading the Eberron Campaign Setting book and I really like what I see here.
So, other than Sharn, what are some exotic or interesting or favorite places on Eberron that I should try and include in an Eberron game?
I actually really like the out of the way places on Khoviare (the main continent), Q'barra, Shadow Marches, Darguun etc.  What I like is that all these places have the typical fantasy ancient powerful civilization that fell, but instead of it being the typical elf, or dwarf it is hobgoblins, lizardfolk, or orc.
Meanwhile, I like Droaam as a monstrous nation that is on the rise. Graywall is a good location for adventure as it is right on the border between the human and monstrous worlds, and has the foreign quarter where travelers are relatively safe. As such, I like it as an opportunity to interact with traditional monsters in a noncombat environment. If you're a DDI subscriber you can get the Graywall article here.
Stormreach and Xendrik in particular is a fascinating place as well.  Personally I really enjoy Sharn, Q'barra and Karranth.  And I highly suggest you read any novels you might find interesting or that take place in a region around where you might want to explore, not only are most of Eberron's novels great IMO, but all the authors give you a great feel for the world.  For example Mr. Baker's (Hellcow) first trilogy gives a very nice description and feel for Sharn and Xendrik, and a couple other places I won't spoil.  Don Bassingthwaite's first trilogy explores the Shadow Marches and Eldeen, and his second trilogy takes place in Darguun and gives you a very humanized if you will, depiction of goblinoids where as in FR, it always seemed they were just uninteresting, barbarianesque fodder.

There are a lot of great sourcebooks too other than the ECS in case you haven't explored them. So if you want to look into those for game material, fluff and other goodies, I highly suggest it.  Might help you decide on some locations, but also there are sourcebooks geared entirely for certain places like Sharn, Xendrik and Sarlona.  IDK which edition you plan on running, I myself am a 3/3.5E person but my favorite sourcebooks in particular were Dragonmarked, Player's Guide and Races of Eberron.

EDIT:  I got into FR and D&D about 11 years ago myself and started getting into Eberron when it came out.  However b/c of 4E, FR's timeline change and lack of time to spend on D&D over the last few years I kind of fell out, but free time has opened up to me again where I can pick it back up except while I enjoy a few FR novels I await to come out like Paul S. Kemp's, I'm almost entirely focused on Eberron now, it's such a great campaign.  
Sweet ideas.
I'm thinking that I might start with the adventures in the 4e Eberron CS the Day of Mourning adventure then the party meets again in Sharn. Seems like a good jumping off point. Also, I'm considering having the majority of the party be from Cyre, (how exactly is that pronounced anyway?) It will make for a fairly dark start, though. 
Also, I'm considering having the majority of the party be from Cyre, It will make for a fairly dark start, though.

It's one of my prefered starting scenarios, since it gives clear motivation for the adventurers to be adventurers; your homeland is lost, what do you do now? Personally, I like to run a few sessions set during the war before jumping to the Mourning and post-Mourning, to give the group time to gel as a unit - similar to Mal and Zoe in Firefly.

(how exactly is that pronounced anyway?)

There's no proper pronounciation; it's regional (and up to you to decide exactly which region pronounces it which way). Some common ways:
SEER-ee (how I personally tend to say it)

Yeah the 4e changes to the Realms really agrivated me and is why I'm moving away from FR.  
Though my change to Eberron is also going to be my experimental steps into 4e. Should me and my group feel 4e is definitely not for us I will switch back to 3rd/3.5 hybrid that we normally make use of.
Right now I'm just going through the sourcebooks and when I get the chance I was planning on checking out the novels. 
I think Mr. Baker's war idea is a great starting point, it'll allow your players to further their backstory I think and definitely your own ideas as you could draw things up from the war/past.

There's some things I wish Eberron had that FR did (like more high level) but the campaign is still extremely fun and 'if it belongs in D&D it has a place in Eberron'. Something you and your players might want to explore in case any of them have a desire to play a less common class found in one of the general D&D books. I myself found a nice place for things like Pact, Shadow and Truespeak (Tome of Magic book) in Eberron.

There's a LOT of diversity and 'fill in the blank' in Eberron that I think as you get into more you'll get hooked

I suggest you getting the Sharn sourcebook too if you're going to wind up there. Might like it so much you won't want to leave!
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