Too Cruel, Wizards

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From WotC's April Fool's Day joke about what they're looking for in Dragon/Dungeon submissions:

D&D Gamma World: Our limited D&D Gamma World® product line made a big radioactive splash last year, and the game is 4th Edition compatible. We think our subscribers are ready for more D&D Gamma World support.

See, the joke is, they're not really thinking about that at all, and never will! Ha ha ha! Isn't that funny?

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Yeah, that was hilarious. **** you, Wizards.

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

Isn't that funny?

I actually appreciated the ironic, dark humor (i.e. as if the writer knew that even though the statement was technically true, it wasn't going to happen). WotC was pretty upfront about GW support (3 sets, then done) from the get-go, and boy are they sticking to it.

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I have a great idea for an article! I'll create a GW version of The Deck of Many Things. It's not like WOTC will...

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