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DISCLAIMER: The following post is not intended to be malicious, insulting, or encouraging trolls or rude behaviour.



[evil ‘gona]zzzzz... [evil ‘gona]


[evil ‘gona]zrglflgnsnrk… zzzz... [evil ‘gona]

D00D! Wake the fup!

[evil ‘gona]uhh... we weren’t sleeping, jus’ restin’ our eyes.[/evil ‘gona]

For four years? Time to get back at it.

[evil ‘gona]Why? What suddenly made you decide to wake us up now?.[/evil ‘gona]

Blame programmerman and bubba.

[evil ‘gona]bubba we can understand, he always liked bothering me with all his helpfulishness and nicety. But programmerman? He was always one of our staunchest members.[/evil ‘gona]

Ironic, heh, that programmerman would crush your dreams of continued retirement.

[evil ‘gona]Did WotC fix the crappiness they put into t3h boardz?[/evil ‘gona]


[evil ‘gona]we’ve got to work with stone knives and bearskins??[/evil ‘gona]

Yup. But members of the evil team are trying to help me learn. You owe it to them.

[evil ‘gona]Owe it to them to what? Vaporize the lot of them and use their constituent molecules for the new and improved Sarcasm Detectoromatic?[/evil ‘gona]

Nope. Much worse than that. You know what ya gotta do. I insist.

[evil ‘gona]NOOOOO! Not that! Anything but that! And we thought we were the evil one.[/evil ‘gona]


[evil ‘gona]

The evil team would like to (are you sure we have to do this?) [/evil ‘gona]

Yes. Yes I am.

[evil ‘gona] salute those of you who have contributed to the cause of evil this past month. We also want to thank those of you who submitted posts. PM Algona to nominate a post for Evil Posts of the Month.

Questions Unanswered of a Frequent Nature:

nushae – As do we all. community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

Maxeel – This functionality needs to brought to the pants world community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

O, Those Wacky WizOs:

Nevermind. we'd forgotten that CS wiped the WizOs. Thanks. Instead we’ll introduce a new segment, dedicated to threads or posts the members of the evil team missed over the course of the month. obvobvfobv we all need to reacquire old skills.

Missed Opportunities:

To avoid burning especially sensitive areas whilst in the little mages room, we think that aXa needs heavy insulation on the bottom of the laptop if he plans to play pantsless. community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

Wonders from WotC:

Welcome to the MOL Boards Dragonette. community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

Sperry + WWW - He lives!  community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...
and, no, we didn't forget, you missed it.  Or not.

Special Recognition:

Normally Tangent gets first nod, but the evil team wants to give Special Recognition to anyone who has made it through all these years.

T4L! community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

Special Recognition goes to all of you who are helping my host figure out how to work with stone knives and bearskins.

Special Recognition goes to programmerman and bubba for hooking my host back in. And a very special vengenace, err, we mean thanks will be coming your way. Hold the package very close when you open it.

And now the evil team is proud to bring you the

Evil Posts of the Month:

BatDwarf - Could be a good move by WotC. community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

nushae + tempesteye – we sooo need an :eye: smilie. community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

The evil team thanks each of you for your continued evilness.

[/evil ‘gona]


Disclaimer: I am not trying to encourage trolls or rude behaviour on the boards. Please do not send me troll posts. [evil ‘gona] is looking for funny posts that subtly encourage evil.



Thank you, Erik.
Wow.  That was a lot of build up for ... well ... that.

/me shrugs @'s
Come join Team Apathy! or not whatever shrug.gif
Yo! tm  afro.gif

Wow.  That was a lot of build up for ... well ... that.

/me shrugs @'s

Low volume means few EPotM candidates to pick from.

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You posted saying my thread was moved/locked but nothing happened.

Unfortunately, VCLs do not currently have the tools necessary to take moderation actions directly. VCLs submit their actions to ORCs, who then actually perform the action. This processing can take between a few minutes and several hours, depending on how busy/attentive the ORCs are.

If you see something that needs VCL attention, please use this thread to make a request and a VCL will look at it as soon as possible. CoC violations should be reported to Customer Service using the "report post" button. Please do not disrupt the thread by making requests of either kind in-thread.

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Thanks to PhoenixLAU for the [thread=1097559]awesome avatar[/thread]!

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Yeah....it might just be time to close down the thicket.  There are basically 5-6 people that come here and no real reason for anyone to start frequenting it.

I think it might be better this way.  People would actually see the EPotM and, in that way, it could better grow.

I actually think it's probably a good idea.  Heck, Algona has singlehandedly almost doubled the forums traffic in MTGO General.  I believe closing the thicket and moving the few things that do go on in here (monthly EPotM kthxbai?) into general would stimulate it...prod it back to life, one might say - as you would do with common cattle...

My forever unfinished blog of the 2010 MTGO Community Cup: if you're ever bored...
Yeah....it might just be time to close down the thicket.  There are basically 5-6 people that come here and no real reason for anyone to start frequenting it.

. . . until now!

And yes, this was a short EPOTM, but like half the posts made last month made the list, so...
The thicket is like my aged parents; I check in every once in a while to make sure that smell is just some food which someone forgot to put away and not a body.


Guess what? Chicken butt.

If we could do thicket type stuff in MTGO general, that would be kind of fun. It might be good for the health of the forum overall to get some quasi-humorous posts going with more people to read them.
I can't spare a moment for the dog faced boy I won't lend another hand to the worm girl of Hanoi Don't deplete my oxygen for the guy who's turning blue But ask me, and I'll do anything for you

Time for a bit of discourse, bear with me.

The reason I asked for the name of the person in charge of the forums is that I want to find out what WotC wants to do with the MOL forums.  Gotta admit I find it frustrating that I did not get a straightforward answer.

It appears to me that ever since the gleemax/RaBu/g0 debacle that whoever is in charge of the forums does not give a damn about what was once a vibrant community.  Not just MOL boards, but literally the entire WIZARDS.COMmunity.  For example, the rec room used to have hundreds of posts per day.  Now, it's as dead as the Thicket.

I can see that some short sighted person might well conclude that it's not necessary to have a vibrant 'extracurricular' WIZARDS.COMmunity.  WotC is doing fine, Magic and MOL are at all time highs.  All they really need is the forums for extended tech support and they should be fine?  Especially since so much of the community has moved to other areas of the web and is showing a lot of support for MOL.

And if WotC wants to shut 'us' (the folk who enjoy the MOL boards community) down then so be it.

But if not... Suppose that person wants to rebuild the WIZARDS.COMmunity?

I've decided after years of semi retired bitterness that I still enjoy this community and I still want to be part of it.  Yes, you people are that good.

So I'm restarting the EPotM, experimenting with a regular thread on 4PSS, and posting a lot in General.  I'm also trying to think up other ways to work the boards, suggestions welcome.  It's all about encouraging others to up their participation levels.  It's not like this is terribly difficult, it's actually pretty fun.  Even after all these years.

I'm hoping that we, the 'extracurricular' posters can up our level of involvement.  That we can try some new things here to see if the MOL boards can regain that vibrancy it once had.  Woudn't it be nice to get back some of the fun contests we used to have?  To have regular contact with MOL folk? (If no one else does it, I'm going to try to start interviewing WotC folk, both MOL and forum movers and shakers.)  To have reasonable people debating over different topics?  To get ready for the dookystorm that will hit with V4?

A bit off topic, you folk need to start nominating posts.  You've already missed some very good ones. :D 

Thank you, Erik.
It's good to see evil posts geet recognized again. They're the work of so few these days.

Also a cruel April Fool's joke if this doesn't continue.   
Well, it wasn't an April's Fools Joke then.  I wonder if it will bring any ancient posters out of the woodwork...?
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