Infinite pod cast/mimic vat mayhem.

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Apologies if you play these decks and enjoy them.

Had to deal with alot of green pod last night and typical wolf agro, until I ran across a guy using pod to recreate Fiend Hunters (exile perm on entry),
He would juggle this with huntsman until I had 1/2 my land gone and he gained a bunch of tokens.

Mimic Vat same problem - players will infinitely produce a Rhino that skips your combat turn, so you may never play until you draw a destroy artifact by which time he has drawn more mimic vats or counters to protect it.

Infinite artifacts are the reason I will never play Modern - and I don't know why its allowed in standard. Is there any cards that outright prevent this from happening? I sideboard 4 revokes and still can't seem to get rid of Vats/Pods successfully.

My forever unfinished blog of the 2010 MTGO Community Cup: if you're ever bored...
Thanks I'll try this out... seems to cover a wide variety of annoyances
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