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any suggestions for sideboard options vs loam decks?
any card of any color will do

im thinking gy hate would probably be best solution.
For some decks i can simply focus on my offense, but if im playing something with lots of synergy that cant handle the disruption of loam decks I'd like there to be some cards that can curtail loam decks but so far im coming up blank, gy hate, obstinate baloth...they counter - somewhat - parts of the loam strategy but they have nowhere near the effect that LD and bribery has on  emrakul decks...
Leyline of the Void is pretty much the default graveyard hate. 
Nihil Spellbomb and Surgical Extraction are pretty good too, and usable in any color.
Yixlid Jailer stops the Dredge part with a body if you're looking for that. 
Extirpate gets through counters, and prevents dredging Loam back with instant draw.
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