Some 'Mysterious Islands" to put in an Ocean

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I got these ideas from my library reading, they're too much fun to keep to myself.

The first paragraph is the legend or rumors or tales the PCs hear.  The second paragraph is closer to reality.

1.  Isle of Devils.  This islet is surrounded by cliffs with a tiny amount of beach.  When approached from afar, the screams and cries of a multitude suffering torments can be heard.  Flying things hover and swoop in the air above the island.  Creatures can be seen along the beach, rolling or wobbling about, unable to stand or flee.  There is clearly a goodly lot of land beyond the cliff line that cannot be seen.  Who knows what horrors lurk therein?
   This islet is the nesting site for flocks of sea birds, plus some some seals or walruses along the beach.  The racket is the mating calls and territorial disputes of all the birds.  Of course, you may want to put a devil or something on the island, just to reward the PCs for all their efforts...

2. Land of the Seven Cities.  Back during a disastarous event - a war or invasion or plague - seven leaders gathered fleeing refugees about them, obtained ships, and sailed to an island to escape.  They burned their ships and established seven villages plus the normal farms &c.  They have prospered in the generations since, not suffering from plague or famine or brigands or invasion.  They must be fabulously wealthy by now - streets of gold, pearls and gemstones just lying about the ground, and all that.
     Since the first group fled disaster and burned their ships upon arrival, how does anybody on the mainland know where they are, or how they are doing?  Except for the flight, this island is totally made up.  There maybe an island with villages on it, or they may have perished at sea (not being mariners after all) or they may have found refuge for a time but been destroyed by later disasters.

3. St. Brendan's Isles.  A legendary holy man went on pilgrimage overseas.  He had many adventures and often was given Signs from the Heavens on his way to his goal.  When he landed, he was shown the way to the Island of Paradise.  Near the time of his death, he told some religious brohers and a devout ship's captain how to get there.  He was allowed by the grace of the gods to enter Paradise without having to taste death.
     If you read the adventures carefully, you can generate a good map of the region.  The Island of Paradise is actually another land that has not been explored; it is difficult to get close or stay for any length of time (adverse currents / bad weather / hostile natives).

4. Land of the Buss.  This island looks a lot like the other typical islands nearby.  There is supposed to be a copper mine / holy relics / shipwreck / captain's log on the island if somebody could just locate it again.
     Actually, this island is an artifact of a poor map and bad navigation.  It IS one of the other islands.
     Alternately, this could be an occasional portal to the Feywild that just happened to open before the S.S. Buss sailed through, and closed again after the ship left.

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