Utopia Justifies the Means - White-Flavored Archenemy Scheme Deck

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So I've recently purchased the lot of Archenemy sets. I'm very late to this party, so I have no doubt others noticed that there was a conspicuous absence of a White-themed Archenemy pack. A lot of people have probably put up their versions of a white themed scheme deck, so I thought maybe you guys could critique my offering!

I managed to procure all the promo cards as well, and I felt like they all fit pretty well in a white theme. Drench the Soil In Their Blood seems pretty solidly white-flavored with an extra combat step and granting vigilance (Almost like the Bant card Finest Hour), and Imprison This Insolent Wretch has white's tapping proclivity to carry their "law" theme. Perhaps You've Met my Cohort may not immediately scream White, but I felt like calling in an ally was something a White general might do. Plots that Span Centuries and Your Inescapable Doom seem pretty color-neutral and a good fit for any deck if you've got'em, and since none of the 4 pre-con scheme decks include them, I thought it would go a long way in making my new scheme deck feel different from the pack's offerings.

For the rest of the Scheme cards, I tried pretty hard to keep things centered around like, oppressive military law, White gone really bad. When I ran out of Scheme cards to pick, I dabbled a bit in White's ally colors, some Bluish (time and creature manipulation) and some Greenish (mana acceleration) effects (so this deck is kinda like Bant as ruled by an aggressive totalitarian dictator.)

Beyond color concerns, I tried to follow the example of the precon scheme decks. My 20-card scheme deck includes 15 different cards with 5 doubles and 3 out of the 20 are Ongoing Schemes.

Scheme Deck - Utopia Justifies the Means

Scheme Cards
x1  All in Good Time
x2  Choose Your Champion
x1  Drench The Soil In Their Blood
x1  Embrace My Diabolical Vision
x1  I Bask In Your Silent Awe
x1  I Call on the Ancient Magics
x1  Imprison This Insolent Wretch
x2  Introductions Are In Order
x1  My Crushing Masterstroke
x2  My Wish Is Your Command
x1  Perhaps You've Met My Cohort
x1  Plots That Span Centuries
x2  Realms Befitting My Majesty
x2  The Iron Guardian Stirs
x1  Your Inescapable Doom

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