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Well, my group is about to begin playing Elemental Eye, and since we noticed it is set in the Forgotten Realms, our Paladin is going to be a paladin of Torm.  Also, we have a battle cleric using the Torm domain.  That leaves me as the striker, and of course, the best striker is the Avenger (IMO).  But Torm isn't about stealth and such, so it just doesn't seem right being an avenger of Torm.  Though a group of Tormites would add such cohesion.  I've read Realmslore since the novels started coming out, so I know Torm has undergone some changes since the spellplague and the death of Tyr, but even the old Torm doesn't really fit an avenger.  I'm thinking, maybe saying Torm is my diety, but calling him Helm, since they had close ties in 3rd and 2nd, but that still doesn't fit an Avenger.  Any ideas or suggestions about how to make a working avenger of Torm? 
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While the Avenger is kinda seen as a Zealous Assassin, you don't have to play up the "assassin" part.    It could be more like a weapon master whose devotion (to Torm) has heightened his prowess a bit.  Or if you still want stealth (mechanics-wise), but have a hard time justifying it you might try that perhaps your character isn't stealthy at all... and the hand of your god just happens to distract/give you a bit more luck with these types of things.
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I'd say that the best build for an Avenger of Torm is the Unity Avenger in Divine Power. It emphasizes teamwork, which seems like Torm would endorse.
I play an Ioun Avenger in my main campaign and while I do have stealth as a skill I rarely use it in character. Think religious Judge Dredd: followers of vecna = dead, someone hoarding knowledge = probably dead, etc.  Whatever the ideal of the god Avengers seek out everyone who works against it and stops them or outright kills them.
Actuelly, I found a great article in Dragon about Torm that talked about a group of thieves turned pious called the Eye of Justice.  It really works for the concept of my character.  Although me and the paladin tend to but heads on how Torm would feel about some of the things we do.  Such is any religious institution, I guess.
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If Torm likes a fair fight conducted with vigor, you can still be an Avenger and ignore the stealth part.  Basically, get up and offer David-and-Goliath style challenges to the tough bad guy.  (Goliath's tactics and technique were related to an Illiad-era Greek warrior.)

Out of combat, offer to teach picked-on kids how to wrestle, help little old ladies across the street (by Intimidating the horse drawing the oncoming carriage), arm-wrestle to pay for the next round of drinks, race somebody to the end of the block "just because you need the practice".

I'm reading a collection of old Thor comics, and the gods hanging around Asgard / Valhalla might be a good role model for a fun character.

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