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I see on the Daily D&D page that the release dates of the re-released 1e core books has been pushed from April to July. I know these aren't 4e products, but I do believe that many people in the 4e forums expressed a great deal of interest in buying them. This is a big bummer for me personally as I had them on my birthday list Frown  However, I'm patient and can wait until July. I still have my original 1e books and I was hoping to retire them to my keepsake box as they are barely held together with bits of tape, ancient Dorito dust, and memories.
On a side note . . .

I noticed that the comments " Hobby Stream " and " North America "  only have been removed from the product discription. Maybe because the demand for these three books is so great, they have been pushed back to print more. I hope this is the case. I order all my D & D stuff from and The hobby store where I live is not a place you want to shop. ( Bad part of town. Pay for parking. High prices and down right evil owners / employees . . . )

Hope this is the reason, but who knows. Maybe a good question for " Rule of Three " ?

 ""Hobby Stream” and “North America " only have been removed from the product description".

This could be a biggie - 

looks like the powers that be have seen the light, and we may have a world wide release.

Maximising the income for the Gary Gygax Memorial Fund.  

If so, well done WOTC. Smile

Still no sign of these three books on / or . . .

Anyone have any idea what's going on with them?

It may be to early . . .    

Perhaps there was a change of heart on the distribution.
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