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Hiho guys, i'm from Brazil and my english is not good =)

Let me try to explain: I'm going to compete in a modern tournament and I made a Werewolf R/G Deck.

Here's the list: 

// Lands
4 [SOM] Copperline Gorge
4 [M10] Rootbound Crag
7 [ZEN] Forest (1)
7 [ZEN] Mountain (1a)

// Creatures
4 [DKA] Immerwolf
4 [ISD] Mayor of Avabruck/Howlpack Alpha
4 [ISD] Kruin Outlaw/Terror of Kruin Pass
4 [ISD] Reckless Waif/Merciless Predator
4 [DKA] Wolfbitten Captive/Krallenhorde Killer
3 [DKA] Mondronen Shaman/Tovolar's Magehunter
4 [ISD] Daybreak Ranger/Nightfall Predator

// Spells
3 [ISD] Full Moon's Rise
4 [M12] Incinerate
4 [ISD] Moonmist

Don't have an idea how to make the deck more aggressive. Maybe Lightning Bolts to damage the opponent quickly? Don't know about the sideboard too. I know ppl will play with Delver controls, Merfolks, Reanimates and, maybe, Wolf Run Ramps. Most of the decks will have counterspells (wich I hate).

What can be done here? 


In my experience Daybreak Ranger and Kruin Outlaw are worth trying as 3-ofs or 2-ofs. Wolfbitten Captive is also one not really worth haveing more than 2 of. Your mileage may vary but I found he was a mana sink for a deck that seldom needed it.

Lightning Bolt is definitely worth putting in. I mean it's Incinerate minus regen (who cares?) and half the mana. However I'll leave others to discuss more on your choices. I feel Instigator Gang is worth putting a few copies in. Them and the Outlaw unblocked spell 20 damage! Even blocked they're a game winner.
I love Wolbitten, because he's a 3/3 on the second turn! Even in human form he's good, and when he turns into a werewolf, 6 damage. Kruin Outlaw is a hated card, my oponents always try to remove him from the game, but he's a game winner (double strike and 2 creatures blocking each wolves?). Haven't tried with Instigator Gang, might be a good idea.
But what about the sideboard? Against Delvers, what should I do? 


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