UB Zombies...with Sylvok Replica? Huh?

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I was looking at decklists from the recent StarCityGames Invitational event, and was looking at Phillip Fortner's Standard deck, UB Zombies.  In the sideboard, it is listed that he had two Sylvok Replica.  What?

I see a lot of errors in posted decklists where people mistype the name or a card, or mix similar names up.  Vapor Snag becomes Vapor Snare, etc.  Is that what occurred here?  Was this supposed to be Moriok Replica?  Or is this genuinely some sort of bizarre tech, where he wanted a 1/3 body against aggressive decks?
It is most likely a mistype. There are better alternatives for a 1/3 body such as Brass Squire or Myr Welder for a 1/3 to be bizarre tech. It was probably meant to be either moriok replica or Neurok Replica, but was mistyped or got the names confused. It's easy to make a mistake listing a bunch of decklists. Deceiver Exarch would be my bizarre tech for u/b zombies over sylvok replica any day of the week.

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It's probably meant to be Sylvok Lifestaff.
Depends, if the deck has any way to produce :G: it might be to act as a Disenchant because :U::B: has no way to deal with anthems or destroy swords. If the deck has no way to produce :G: then it's likely what Cranial said.
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I'm Phillip's room mate, and I told him this was going to happen xD
I'm Phillip's room mate, and I told him this was going to happen xD

So, Phillip's room mate - what was the card supposed to be?
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