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What's up with the Replay option? I played a Match against a guy, then wanted to watch the Replay to write down the details...only to find Games 1 and 3 had disappeared! Game 2 I conceded, but Games 1 and 3, he did. So perhaps that's the problem, then? That if the opponent concedes, the Replay disappears for that game?

However, if this is true, then it's completely counter-intuitive! Let's say I want to watch the Replays for an entire Match. Now, to make this happen, I'd need to somehow prevent my opponent from conceding. Obviously, this is impossible outside of actually bugging them not to (which is a crappy option). However, if the system were reversed, and you only lost replays for games YOU conceded, then you could have complete control over the whole thing. If you Win, you get the Replay. If you Lose, you just play the entire game out, and you get the Replay. If the other guy Concedes, you get the Replay.

Either way, the darn thing seriously needs work. As-is, they should almost just scratch the whole option and start over, and preferably with something much more detailed in the first place; 123456789 means nothing to anyone, whereas something like this:

(Format) (Match or Game) vs (Opponent's Name)
(Win or Loss, then # of Ws/(# of Ls if Match) - (Deck Used)

...would be so much more useful in every way possible. So my Match would look like this:

Standard Match vs brock_laster
(W) 2/1 - Standard ReaniPraetor

And of course the option to see what you switched around in your Sideboard each game, what decklist you were using at the time, etc, would all also be useful features for any competitive player. So in conclusion, any chance of any of this ever happening? Any other thoughts?
Resident Logic Cannon
Replays are bugged.  

My solution:
1) Take a screenshot after the game ended
2) Put the id number and match number on the reply file located in:
(windows user folder)\AppData\roaming\wizards of the coast\Magic Online.0

The file is (magic id).mygames.  Open with any text editor, like notepad

NoTE:  appdata is hidden, so you have to change that setting on windows 
Ew. Thanks for the advice, anyway, sir.
Resident Logic Cannon
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