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I have begun playing a human bard in the heroic tier and one of the at-will powers that I chose was Misdirected Mark.

I have been assuming that I can direct the marking effect to any one of my allies, including those who do not normally
have the ability to 'mark' an opponent.

One of my fellow players is a 'rules lawyer' and he wants a definite and absolute decision regarding to which ally I am permitted
to direct the marking effect.   That is, may I select any of my allies within the range of the power to direct the marking effect 
towards or am I restricted to only selecting those allies who have their own innate abilities to 'mark' a foe, such as fighters,
paladins and the like.

If the decision is the latter, then the 'rules lawyer' will undoubtedly pester me to change my at-will powers until my character conforms
to the 'ideal' of the 'rules lawyer'.

That's really the kind of restriction that would've been written in the power, rather than hidden somewhere. The power creates a condition, the conditions source is someone else. Would he complain if the power said an ally dazed a creature, if they had no way of dazing them?
Any ally within 5 squares of you can be the ally marking the target.  The game poses no restrictions between creatures with "innate" marking abilities and those without.  If an effect says that one creature marks another, that's what happens; this is why "Marked" is defined as a general status condition, just like Dazed, Prone, etc.  For other non-defender powers that apply a mark in some fashoin, see also Ominous Threat, Dauntless Gaze, Draw Their Eyes, Diabolic Strategem, Denying Mark, Marked Revelation, Looming Threat, and more.

The mark (for a non-fighter or warden) would only inflict a -2 to attacks against other targets, there would be no backup punishment.
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So, the consensus is that my bardic PC can assign the marking effect to any of his allies.

Thank you.

I will so inform the 'rules lawyer'.

So, the consensus is that my bardic PC can assign the marking effect to any of his allies.

Thank you.

I will so inform the 'rules lawyer'.

Just make sure the ally you choose to be the one doing the mark is OK with it, especially if your DM is one that obeys marks as if they *have* to be obeyed.

As I like to point out, the only mark that says that it is a "magical compulsion to attack" is the Paladin's Divine Challenge.
And the "compulsion" of theDivine challenge is just story fluff that can be igored ( at the price of radiant damage )
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