First Character,"First" DnD mini; Blackguard

So been new to DnD gaming itself, but pretty much familiar with the universe and how it works, my very first question to my gaming group was" do you guys use minis?"

Of course i was somewhat relived when they said yes!

Because we are at first a Warhammer40k and Battle gaming group, and a few of use also plays DnD.

So the guys who play DnD told me that they used they're how GW minis to gain time, because after all we all have a huge collection of WH40k and battle army's, so its not really a problem.

And i just love converting and assembling minis!!!, i'm called the Mad Converter back home...

But long story short, i just had a Astorath miniature lying around, with some cape/coat from a Druid Overseer from Privateer Press Hordes and an Old metal Sword from the previous Deamon Prince metal model for 40k...

I though that all of this would be perfect to make my Blackguard character!!!




Just need to sculpte the rest of the coat, add some detailes, like travel bags and such, but i like how it did come out!

Its perfect for a Vryloka Blackguard with Fullblade Profeciency!

Or maybe i will be doing a Hexblade with Infernal Pact and the Abyssal Sword...
Real nice!
So finished doing the coat.


I'm waiting for the Greenstuff to dry a bit, so that i can smooth out the coat, and make it more neat.

I don't know if this was the intention, but if you paint his armor red, you can emulate Dracula from the 1992 film of the same name. One of the very first scenes in the movie features Vlad Tepes (Dracula) as a living knight before being struck with vampirism, and his armor has the exact same texture as this model.

It'd fit a Vryloka perfectly, since they're practically half-vampires (and it's also probably why GW chose it for a Blood Angel).
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