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It's been fun, but these forums are dead. There is nothing to discuss here anymore. The truth is sad, sometimes. Adios all! I'll be on the Source & Salvation forums.
Lol! Right on.
Aw, come on man! At least check in a few times a week or something. I'll be back on more often in a few weeks to try to get some discussion going.

"There are some who call me...Tim?" Go Duke! I apologize for my lack of grammar, spelling, and coherence in my posts. Former Member: Team ABS

I am knowledgable about non-rotating formats. I usually have no idea about Standard.

Supa tim earns one gold star.
He gets another gold star from me.
Me too, for all your useful Dredge info I've been tanking up on.  Cheers.

catowner wrote:
Welcome to 2012. Blue has the most efficient creatures, black has the all-in monocolored aggro deck, the most controlling deck in the format is green-red, control decks lose to aggro in attrition wars, and counterspells aren't an answer to fatties.
Islands wrote:
Pack Rat is like Bitterblossom and Tarmogoyf had a black baby.
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