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So when Eberron came out I read the first books of the Lost Mark, Dragon Below and Dreaming Dark. Then for various reasons I fell out of D&D.

Over the last couple months I've finished those 3 trilogies and am about to finish Legacy of Dhakaan.

I was wondering which series I should read next and any additional opinions on the author or characters are welcome. I'm leaning a bit towards The Inquisitives or the Heirs of Ash. I also intend to pick up Tales of the Last War very soon but there are other good series I'd appreciate anyone's opinions on as well please.

Oh and on a related note, are there any main characters in other series or known possible series about an elf from House Phiarlan (or even Thuranni)? I'd be very interested in that.
Heirs of Ash. Hands down.

The Inquisitives series is also quite strong, and with Criley's Taint of the Black Brigade and recent comic books, has spawned some further writing.

As for an assassanous Elf, there is one in Heirs of Ash, and he's actually an awesome character.

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