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Hi all,

I just spent the last 4 hours creating monsters in the old offline adventure rools for a D&D session I have coming up tomorrow... then realized that the offline tools don't have an export function.

I need to get .monster file exports to import into my combat management program... Is there any way to export from the offline builder? Are there any applications that could convert a statblock in .rtf or .pdf format into .monster?

Many thanks for any help!
This is obviously too late, but if you still have the issue, let us know. The offline Adventure Tools version does have an export function. Once you close the monster (after editing and saving) right-click for options. You can save to RTF or to an image.

But, realize that in any tool you can always use the key on your keyboard called "Prt Scr" or "Print Screen". It allows you to capture what your monitor displays, placing it in your "clipboard". Open something like Word and click on Paste (icon or from the drop-down or CTRL+V). Then use the normal Word tools to crop that image down to just the monster. It might sound hard, but it is a 3-minute activity (if that). Once you have it cut and scaled as desired, print it out.

Converting from .rtf or pdf to .monster is not really worth doing. From RTF you would need to write a program to parse everything into an xml format. Not worth doing at all and probably very buggy.

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@Alphastream1: Along the same lines. Is there any way to do the opposite: convert .monster to .rtf. My combat mgmnt pgrogram only accepts .rtf format, and I since upgraded (i.e. changed after a massive crash) my computer and no longer have the offline AT app.
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