Dragon 409 - Eye on Dark Sun: The Black Blade of Raam

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Dragon 409
Eye on Dark Sun: The Black Blade of Raam
by Rodney Thompson

Despite the best efforts of the sorcerer-kings to oppress their subjects, on rare occasions individuals gain enough power and prestige to become nuisances to those despots. Sometimes, however, those who rise in status independent of the sorcerer-kings are not rebellious freedom fighters or challengers of authority, but instead agents of chaos who lash out at targets both virtuous and vile. The Black Blade is one such individual.

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Happy to be back on the best D&D forum on the internet!

That's a redoutable Assassin and a mysterious figure indeed !

Very cool piece of meat ! 
Eye on Dark Sun continues to get me excited about that campaign setting. Last summer I ran a Dark Sun mini campaign and loved it. I'm planning to do another one this summer and I'm going to be using a lot of what Rodney has put into these articles. Thanks for the inspiration!

Also this assassin is going to be borrowed immediately for my non-dark sun campaign. Very nice stat block. I hope to kill one or more of the PC's with him.
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