Can someone answer this stupid question so my friend can stop playing incorrectly

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I've been playing this game since beta and he's been playing for all of 2 weeks but he (content removed) doesn't trust anything I say and won't look up the rules to specific cards for some stupid reason when we get into arguments about the wording of cards.

Like "Lost in the Woods". He's convinced it's some super amazing card and I'm trying to tell him its a junky terrible one, but he doesn't listen because he doesn't know how to play and won't admit it.

Anyway, the wording of the card specifically says that "if it's a forest card, remove the attacking creature from combat". The issue lies with his definition of 'forest card', which he believes to be any card with a green mana symbol in it. So that means any card that has a casting cost of a green mana, any card with an activation cost with green mana in it (like artifacts), but, ironically, not the one card that is both a card, and named forest.

I'm about this close to hitting him. please explain why I am right in a way I haven't thought of yet.

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Please don't confuse hate speech with disparagement. They are completely different beasts. Besides, 'to retard' means 'to delay the progress of', which is exactly what he was doing in relation to the game, so I thought the comparison was an apt one.
You're right, he's wrong.
I doubt this post will change anything.
Please post future Rules queries in Rules Q&A. 

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So, how would I use a card that has a large in the top half and "sui?l? -- pu?? ?is?q" across the middle?
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Winning is not important if: 1. You win by a blowout. 2. You pay billions of dollars in cards to win. If you like wasting money just to win one game, while you could have saved it to lose a few and end up winning more in the future, then it is fine by me.
what? do you ceremonially light your deck on fire after a win?
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Or did no one notice Transmogrifying Licid before. (And by not notice, I mean covered their ears and shouted LA LA LA LA )
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Hmmm... I think the most awkward situation at the moment is simply the Myr Welder / Equipment / Licid / Aura craziness, but I'm pretty sure he's aware of it.
If the most awkward thing going on right now involves Licids, I declare victory.
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Mage is awesome, BTW.
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Dear Mage24365, You are totally awesome. Thank you so much. I hope you are able to dine in Paradise without kicking the bucket to actually get there, and that every dollar you ever make magically becomes two more.
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I don't think there are any cards like that. There are things that prevent you from activating activated abilities, things that increase their cost, and things that counter them, but I don't think anything triggers from them specifically. There are things that trigger from targeting, so that might be relevant, but I can't think of anything that triggers from targeting a player. I'm almost positive there's nothing that triggers from damage being prevented.
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Well played.


Sorry about the trouble but I'll see if I can help you here!

If a land is a forest, it will specifically say so in its type line. For example: the card forest, its card name is forest, its card type is a "basic land" and its subtype is a "forest". Same goes for the card breeding pool, its card name is breeding pool, its type is a "land" (though not basic), and its subtype is a "forest island", this means that this land counts as both a forest and an island. Now if we look at khalni garden, its name is, you guessed it khalni garden, its type is land and it has "no subtype" therefore it is not a forest or any other land type! Same goes for rootbound crag, look at the card and it tells you everything you need to know: name of card "rootbound crag", type of card "land", and subtype of card "if any", and in this case there is none so this card does not count as a forest or any land type!

I hope this helps out your..... discussion shall we say!
thank you. Yeah I doubt this is going to change anything either. But it's about as official confirmation as I can get (he didn't want to believe the rulebooks either so I'm not hoping for much here)
Tell him until he learns to play, you're not going to play with him
Please don't confuse hate speech with disparagement. They are completely different beasts. Besides, 'to retard' means 'to delay the progress of', which is exactly what he was doing in relation to the game, so I thought the comparison was an apt one.

I would like to note that while mods do scan the forums, the majority of their tasks are given by user reports. Likely your post was one of the latter. This means that mods don't need to lighten up (maybe), but that people in general need to lighten up.
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What's wrong with my formating?
you make paragraphs shorter than the page width
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Names that sam said were "the evil ones":
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