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Last night, I was doing a real life draft at my local club, which has a number of very good drafters (most are over 1800 on the old rating system). 

P1p1 the guy to my left opens and slams a Mondronen Shaman and I look at my pack which contains only 2 cards of note Death's Caress and Immerwolf.  I take the Immerwolf for the following reasons:

1 - the format is very quick and RG is a great deck type
2 - I am to his right so can cut him for 2 packs and hopefully the guy to my right will avoid red having seen the Shaman slammed (as it happens he didn't as he opened a Falkenrath Aristocrat)
3 - there are 3 other werewolves in the pod that will come to me before him.

Anyway, he gets very irate when after the draft I tell him what I pick and says that a good drafter would have taken the Caress (ignoring that I go completely undefeated in the entire draft).

I wondered what everyone else in the forum would have done?
I would have taken the Immerwolf.  I would not have said anything, though.

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Yeah, I would have taken the Immerwolf as well, R/G is very strong without the wolf, and with the wolf it often dominates. Technically, no one is supposed to know what anyone else drafted until the decks are made at the end of draft.
I should clarify that I didn't tell him until after the draft was finished when he saw my RG deck in action.
I say, you chose based on the information at hand, knowing that you would be competing for red cards with the person next to you, but also knowing, that a R/G deck is a strong archetype and would get good support from the first round (due to the DFCs being visible). I see nothing wrong with that. If he could not read the signal of red being contested, then that is his problem, not yours.

Also, it's hard to argue with success.

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I'd have taken Immerwolf as well.
I agree with everyone else and would add that the positioning has alot to do with it as well.  If the guy to your right had picked the shaman then I could see taking the Caress (since he is feeding you two packs).  This guy on your left is simply out of luck and should have realized that either you or the person next to you was taking the red/green he was hoping for.  You can't argue with results either.
if you had obtained the information on his pick by accident, say by happening to glance at his pack, then yeah, that'd be awful. but the rules make it very clear that you're allowed to see what he picked and make decisions based on it. if you know he's a good drafter and you have the opportunity to cripple him, while still making a very good deck for yourself, why the hell shouldn't you?

also, if you'd waited on your pick to see if he would take the shaman, that might be kind of a **** move, but it sounds like he windmilled that thing pretty immediately, which means he straight-up handed you that information.


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So he complained that you used information that he willingly gave you?


I think my position on this issue is pretty clear.
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