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so I just created my first deck a red-green deck, and I as a person love to hear what I did right and what I should improve so here is the deck list.

1x Sandstone warrior
1x Kindercatch
1x Acidic slime
1x Rage thrower
1x Furyborn hellkite
1x Giant spider
1x Ogre taskmaster
1x Grazing gladehart
1x Hellfire mongrel
2x Viridian acolytes
1x Stampeding rhino
1x Ageless entity
1x Raging goblin
1x Kird ape

1x Trollhide
1x Gnaw to the bone
1x Reclaim
2x Curse of the peirced heart
1x Seething song
1x Bountiful harvest
2x Sylvan bounty
1x Blaze
1x Shock
1x Predetor's strike
1x Reap and sow
1x Rampant growth
1x Yamabushi's storm
1x Circle of flame
1x Goblin war paint
1x Fire ball 
1x Naturalize
1x Journey of discovery
1x Galvanic arc
1x Unforge

10x Mountains
10x Forests
1x Kazandu refuge
2x Terramorphic expanse

Now that I have it laid out like this It looks like the cards are not very consistant so which cards go and which cards stay also any combos you see possible in this list please notify me. Thanks for the help!
Try the Casual forum. You'll get more help there.
Hey guys,

I'm going to go ahead and move this to Casual Play since you'll probably get more responses there.

It seems to me like having 2 Terramorphic Expanse cards is a tad redundant. I would replace them with other land because you already have several sorceries that allow you to search your deck for land.

A lot of these cards are really strong, but have high casting costs. I think this is gonna be the primary weakness your deck will face. 

It seems you have two themes going here: Life gain/Ageless Entity boosting, and dealing direct damage to trigger bloodthirst on the Furyborn Hellkite. The Grazing Gladehart and Ageless Entity play well together. You might consider throwing in something like Rites of Flourishing or Oracle of Mul Daya.

About half of your creatures effectively serve one of these two goals.

The other half, such as the Kindercatch, Ogre Taskmaster, Sandstone Warrior, Giant Spider, Stampeding Rhino, and raging goblin, while great cards, don't really contribute much to either theme IMO.

If you have some Llanowar Elves or a Scorned Villager//Moonscarred Werewolf or two then I would suggest replacing your Viridian Acolytes with those. You'll have more mana in the long run; although you may want to keep the terramorphic expanse cards in if you do that, to have more flexibility with mana color. 

Yamabushi's Storm is interesting. I don't like it because I can't imagine a great use for it, except maybe to mop up your opponent's weakened creatures after combat or to give your creatures with First Strike (that have a toughness 2 or higher) a slight advantage. On the offchace that it would kill any of your creatures, it also nerfs Gnaw to the Bone by exiling the cards rather than sending them to the graveyard.

Test out the Acidic Slime and see how it does. It doesn't have much in the way of a statline, but the fact that it can destroy permanents might give it a good home in your deck.

Add more Reclaim.
Add more Bloodthirst cards.

Here are a couple of cards you should look at:
Punishing Fire 
Chalice of Life//Chalice of Death 
Loxodon Warhammer
Wurm's Tooth
Dragon's Claw
Rosheen Meanderer

This one would be interesting. With this creature out, you could cast bloodthirst cards and gain their benefits by default.
Rumbling Slum

If you left in the Viridian Acolytes or put in some Shimmering Grottos, Rakavolver would be interesting.

If you went Tricolor, there are about a million ways you could gain life with white.
Ajani's Mantra
Behemoth Sledge
Windbrisk Raptor
Angel's Feather
Boon Reflection
Children of Korlis
Dawnglow Infusion 
and others... too many to list.