Planeswalker points what is there purpose?

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Ok i am new to magic and have only been to 2 DCI events. Once i came to this website i see that i have these "Planeswalker Points" what is there purpose other then giving me a psedo experiance bar i have for myself?

Thanks to all who respond

It's a measure to see your own progress against others.

However the more active players are, the more points they get, so it's not a measure of how good you are against pro's but more some sort of measure on how many people you've beaten.

I love this system because I went from the lowest ranking in Denmark to something to be feared
For the average player, planeswalker points don't do alot. They are just an experience bar.

But for higher level player, they get some bonuses for having high planeswalker points. Remember that some people play magic competitvely and you need an objective measure of a person's ability.

It replaced an older system that basically discouraged players from playing the game after a certain point.
… and then, the squirrels came.
Planeswalker points qualify you for byes at Grand Prix tournaments and qualify you for the national team qualifiers and some other tournaments.

For casual players, you are unlikely to collect enough points for these to matter.

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