Damage way off for Brutes and Limited Use powers...

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It seems that most of the builder's damage expressions are way off from the dmg errata's expressions, but mainly when dealing with Brutes/Limited Use powers.

For brutes, the damage should be 25 percent higher. For limited damage, such as damage from encounter powers or recharge powers, increase the 

value by 25 to 50 percent.

So let's take a random example...A level 8 brute.

The errata shows that a standard critter hitting 1 target should do 2d8+7 (average 16 damage).
So if i am to add 25% for a brute/limited use power, i should get about 20 damage on average.
If i am to add 50% for a high-end limited use power, or a brute using a limited use power, i average about 24 damage.

Let's check the builder...
Level 8 non-brute, normal attack, medium damage: 17 
Level 8 Brute, normal attack, medium damage:  21

Both are a point high, no big deal. Let's move on...

Level 8 non-brute, limited-use attack, medium damage: 29
Level 8 Brute limited-use attack, medium damage: 36

Um, these are way too high; the former being 175% of the base value, and the latter being over 200%.