Desperate Encounter Play Test (Battle Report # 2 - With Pictures this time!)

So here's the second play test of my rule set.  It again led to some minor revisions and clarifications to the rules, which I'll update officially at some point.

We played a 1000 point battle.  It laster over 8 hours :-).  Brian again chose to the the light side, and I played the dark side.  Do to an oversight by Brian and I, we ended up playing this game with ion cannons doing system damage even if the shields were up, instead of just when they were dropped. Oops!

We also realized the boarding rules were too simple, so we worked out a quick system to deal with boarding a ship.  Essentially, there is a sliding scale.  First, the shields on the target ship have to be dropped, and the ship has to be caught in a tractor beam.  Then both sides roll dice based on the class of the ship.  We played this game where the attacker had to win three rolls to capture the ship, but I think given that you have to knock out the shields, capture the ship in a tractor, and then board it, two wins would be more realisitic.  Each win by the attacker also reduces the combat effectivness of the ship until it is captured or until the attackers are all removed/killed.

I also had some 70 new ships based, mostly starfighters, but it allowed us to have more diverse fleets.  We used a D6 this time for initiative, then added the acceleration values of each ship to determine move and shoot order.

I also did not take pictures of the turns before combat.  But here goes. Also, I did not note any damage to ships on the pictures.  If there are enough requests, I can add some graphics to note which ships were damaged each turn.  Eventually, I plan to make animated GIFs for the battle reports.  All photos are after movement, but before firing for each turn.

The Board pre-combat.

**Clicking the pictures will take you to my gallery where you can view larger images if you wish.

Turn 3:

The Empire deployed the last of it's fighters.  The rebels deployed about half of their fighters.  The rebel fleet was very light on fighters, spending only 60 points compared to the empire's 130 pts on starfighters.  Wedge Antilles and Baron Soontir Fel both made an appearance.  And the fleets were led by flagships Home One and Chimaera.

As with the previous two turns, Brian won the initiative, this time by 1.  Still, I had to move most of my fleet before he moved any of his.  The Imperial Carrack Dominant used a Command Counter to Jam Transmissions, causing the rebels to be -1 Attack for this turn.

It helped as the Dominant evaded 6 volleys of torpedoes that were targeting it.  Right of the bat, the Chimaera suffered a critical hit and because I rolled a 20 for system damage, had to re-roll TWO d20s...  The Hull and Engines were both damaged, causing missiles and torpedoes to do +1 Damage to the Chimaera, and her speed and acceleration to drop by 25%.

In response, the Chimaera let loose with her Barbette Ion Cannons, scoring a critical hit and damaging three systems (Hull, Weapons twice) on the CC-7700.  The Imperial Star Destroyer capitalized on this and targeted the CC, causing her to be reduced and damaging the bridge (Command system).

The Battle Dragon suffered a Critical Hit from an ISD Turbolaser strike, damaging the sensors and causing the Battle Dragon to be reduced.

The DP-20 frigate was obliterated by the Vindicator and Assassing Corvette.

Turn 4:

Yet again, the rebels won the initiative by 1.

Sheilds regenerated as the Chimaera's weapons were repaired, the CC-7700 partially repaired her weapons, and the Battle Dragon failed to repair her sensors (The battle dragon failed just about every die roll this game, whether it be attacks, repairs, or who's making the coffee.  Silly Hapans)

The rebels opened up on Imperial fighters that strayed to close with their point defense guns...  A TIE Avenger, TIE Hunter, and Baron Fel were all knocked out of combat.  Good Job Baron Fel!  The TIE Hunter did manage for fire off it's torpedoes at the Battle Dragon before dying, knocking out the larger ship's shields.

The Imperial's Assassin Corvette broke apart after sustaining critical hits from both the Battle Dragon and the Action VI frigate.  The Dominant had her shields knocked out and took significatn hull damage, including taking a system damage to the hull.  The Chimaera took another critical hit from Home One, damaging the hull system for a second time. 

The Imperials returned fire, with the Imperial Star Destroyer scoring a critical hit on the Battle Dragon, knocking her out of the fight.  The ATR-6 shuttle was destroyed by the Imperial's Sentinel Lander.  The CC-7700 was killed off as the MC30 took a front spine volley from the Chimaera, doing significant damage to the ship.  While the Action VI had her shields knocked out, the Millennium Falcon was able to avoid an intense laser cannon barrage from the lancer frigate.

Turn 5:

Yet again, the rebels win the initiative.  Luckily, the rebels haven't been able to decidedly capitalize on winning so many initiative turns in a row. 

The rebels lost an X-wing to Point Defense right off the bat.

The imperials lost the Preybird squadron and the Dominant was destroyed after it suffered a direct hit to her bridge (system damage).  The Vindicator and the Action VI both missed each other with EVERYTHING, despite being right NEXT to one another.  The vindicator did suffer shield damage from the FarStar.  The Chimaera had her shields knocked out and used a command counter to perform a lateral roll, giving her partial shields back. 

The imperials were able to reduce the Action VI with a critical hit, damaging the shield and command systems.  The A-Wing was lost while outnumbered in a dogfight.  Home One suffered siginificant shield damage, and took system damage to weapons and sensors.  The FarStar took a critical from an enthusiastic TIE Defender, reducing the corvette and damaging the hull and bridge systems.  Meanwhile, the Mc30 took a hit from a Scimitar Bomber, reducing the ship and damaging the weapons systems.  And the Millenium Falcon was reduced with a solid hit from the IG-2000.

Turn 6:

So guess who won the initiative for the 6th time in a row?  If you said the rebels, You are RIGHT!

Home One repaired her weapons, the FarStar repaired the bridge, the Action VI repaired her shields, and the MC30 failed to repair her weapons.

Three collisions were narrowly avoided as the the Vindicator moved away from the Action VI, the MC30 moved away from the Chimaera, and the Sentinel avoided the FarStar

The imperials lost a TIE Defender to point defense, while the rebels lost a B-Wing to Boba Fett, getting a point defense boost from the Lancer Frigate.

The imperials also lost a scimitar bomber to Wedge Antilles, and Boba Fett was knocked out of the battle when he took a barrage from Home One.  The Chimaera had her shields knocked out again and used a Lateral Roll CC to regenerate partial shields.  The Chimaera had her hull system damaged again, meaning she'd have to take two system damage each time a roll was made.  The Vindicator took some hull damage and had her bridge system damaged as well.  The Lancer took significant damage and was reduced, in addition to having her hull system damaged.

The imperials, responded with brutal fashion, knocking out Home One's shields with support fire from the Vindicator, and taking system damage to her hull and weapons.  Home One used Lateral Roll to regenerate a portion of her shields, but not before being caught in the tractor beam of the Imperial Star Destroyer and boarded.  The Millennium Falcon was hit by broadside attack from the Imperial Star Destroyer and knocked out, while the FarStar fell to sustained fire from the Lancer, the Action VI was killed, and the MC30 exploded after being hit hard by the Chimaera.  The K-Wing squadron, unable to move due to being bottled up by a pair of TIE Interceptor squadrons, was killed off.  And the MC40 took significant hull damage (including damaging the hull system).

Turn 7:

The imperials finally won the initiative... And by enough so that the rebels had to move everything before the imperials moved anything.

Home One failed to repair her weapons and the Vindicator was able to repair her bridge. The imperials won the boarding roll on Home One.  One more and the imperials capture the mon cal cruiser!  Meanwhile, Home One's engines are knocked out thanks to the boarding party.

Home One had her shields knocked out after sustaining broadsides from both the Chimaera AND the Imperial Star Destroyer.  Support fire from a TIE Avenger and a TIE Bomber damaged the Hull system (upgraded to level 2) and the Sensors (upgraded to level 2).  There was a whopping 130 points of damage done to Home One this turn.

The Mc40 was reduced and wedge had his shields knocked out but lived to fight on.

The Imperials lost the TIE Phantom, Lancer, and Sentinel.  The Chimaera had her shields knocked out and took to system damage, both hit the sensors.  The Vindicator also had her shields knocked out and suffered sensor damage.

Turn 8:

I won initiative for the last turn of the game.

The Vindicator and Chimaera both failed to repair damaged systems.  The light side won the Home One boarding roll.

Wedge was hit and tried to eject from his X-Wing, but failed.  The MC40 was destroyed.

Home One again took a broadside from both the Chimaera and Imperial Star Destroyer, one of them a critical hit.  In addition, the two star destroyers let loose with their remaining weaponry, scoring another critical hit, damaging 3 systems, and killing off Home One.

Another resounding victory for the empire!  Those imperial troops who lost their lives trying to take Home One even as she was destroyed shall not be forgotten (Translation: They have already been forgotten and you will never see any official record showing the Empire fired on their own troops)

This victory again brings into question the costing of imperial ships.  The rebels tend to have more defense than offense, so if weapons are under costed, that could be a problem.  Next game, I will play the rebels and we will see what happens.  I scored a LOT of critical hits this game, more so than Brian.  While he did to better at concentrating fire, he missed a lot of the concentrated attacks.  We will see what happens next game!
My unofficial SSB Website 4-14-10 Uploaded the Base Pack of stat cards for Desperate Encounters. These cards are for the 60 stock SSB Models, making them compatible with DE. Coming Soon: DE: Reputations. Reputations in battle are earned, not given... An expansion pack containing stat cards for unique fighter squadrons, unique versions of stock SSB ships, and generic versions of unique SSB ships.
Awesome! Great report and pictures.  I can't wait until I have time to play some big battles like this again.

Nice to see the Empire hasn't lost their touch for morale boosting measures...  
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