Mono White Giden Jura Deck

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Any help would be appreciated Laughing

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I feel like I could replace the Grand Abolisher as that is more situational and won't be around long with the Day of Judgments anyway.
Neat deck, I like the idea.
Okay first off, you have 12 three drops and only which could be clunky because they could be vying for the same space. I would probably drop the tumble magnets in favor of goldmeadow harrier, which equals more creatures and is essentially 4 more gideon's lawkeepers. This will provide a more stable turn 1 control to set up your gideon's avenger. And I like the grand abolisher  he provides a good source to hose control decks and prevent combat tricks unless they are yours   You should only need 2 or 3 Days  since you should only need it's effect once a game especially with the swords to plowshares  and oblivion rings that you are also running!  Something that I would like is faith's shield  as a way to protect gideon's avenger  because although he can become quite powerful in this deck, he is extremely vulnerable to removal. Plus faith's shield  can also be used to protect Gideon  himself in place of holy day  or as a way to swing through unblocked with your pumped avenger.  Multiple uses, one card, gotta love it! Also as good as a card that angelic destiny  is, it really does't fit this deck that well. I would remove it to give room for faith's shield  and the like. 

Also I know that you are probably thinking of using the sun titan  as a way of recursion for your creatures after you drop a day of judgment  which is good but another option may be a sunblast angel, this could be like a one-sided DoJ!

This is just food for thought, hope is helps!
Great tips, thanks for the help
Drop holy day for Ethereal Haze.

Honor of the Pure is useful for White weenies.

Silence is like a Grand Abolisher in your opponents turn.

Runed Halo is now a big favourite of mine after I discovered it can stop Emrakul and it's Anihilator ability, as well as Surgical Extraction.
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