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Hello, this is my first time posting here so I'll try to make it as clear and concise as possible.

I have been playing for a while with a casual deck but after some time I decided that I wanted to make my own modern legal deck. I went to a local card shop and picked up a red/white New Phyrexia pack as well as some boosters and went to work on building some sort of playable deck. I have not played with it enough to pin down what kind of win condition I want with it but this is what I currently have in it:


1x Moltensteel Dragon

3x Slash Panther

2x Kemba Skyguard

2x Immolating Souleater

2x Blinding Souleater

1x Priests of Norn

1x Kemba Legion

2x Bladed Sentinel

1x Lumengrid Gargoyle

3x Porcelain Legionaire

1x Shattered Angel

1x Cathedral Membrane


1x Sword of War and Peace

4x Rage Extractor

2x Pristine Talisman


1x Forced Worship


1x Apostle's Blessing

2x Whitesun's Passage

1x Marrow Shards

2x Act of Aggression

1x Into the Core

4x War Report


1x Phyrexian Rebirth


10x Mountain

10x Plains

After looking over this, would anyone be able to tell me if this looks like a solid deck to play with, or if there are some things I should move around and replace?

I appreciate any and all help that can be provided.

You should use lands like Battlefield Forge or Clifftop Retreat, that are not expensive and give you some important balance.

You should use the most powerful of every color. I mean, combinating the power of lightnings and the aggro judgement of white would make your W/R best. For example, putting Lightning Helix, Ajani Vengeant, Cerodon Yearling, Figure of Destiny, Spitemare...

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