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Hey guys !

I'm DM for a game with newbies, so I create some PCs to show them what is possible and let them choose from them and customize them.
Currently, I'm trying to design some sort of Riding PC. those PC all are lvl4, and i'm trying not to use the Essentials, the Marks, nor the Thri-Kreen, Drow, pixies, and Changeling races.

What are the diferent solutions to have a mounted PC ?

I've found the Beast Rider Feat (in DM384), which could be helped by the Valenar Rider Training Feat (in DM385).
I could not find any other feat (looking for "mount" "mounted" or "rider" in the compendium) helping the riding PC as the Valenar one does. is there any ?

I know there is the Mounted Combat Feat in PHB1, but this means the PC must use the "Large beast as least" rule, doesn't it ?
Are small creatures able to ride medium sized creatures ?

I'm trying to find, with the Compendium, a list of the available mounts, but can't find what I need ...
I know there are the BeastMaster's creatures, the Adv's Vault mounts... What else ?

And a last question (which may be more a "rule forum" one) :
Are there specific rules for a charging mount (which could let move and hit with a lance during the move) ?

you can use a  mount even if you don't have a feat for it.  Mounts, especially large+ sized mounts are a great way for non-essentials defenders to increase their presence on the field, as it opens up squares you can make OAs and other similar attacks into.

Mounts can help ranged characters generate distance.

they can help players to fly in the upper heroic+ range.

Pixies (which i know you don't want to use) or small sized characters can benefit from the beastmaster ranger choice in the ranger class to become a "mounted class."  but the main benefits come in the ability to cause your mount to move.  Sentinel druids can pull off the same thing, and actually become even more effective by allowing their mount to take move actions (thru at-will powers) - but again, thats an essentials class.

as far as what constitutes a mount....any creature of at least one size category larger COULD constitute a mount, provided the DM allows.  For example, dragons have no "mount" trait like the AV2 mounts, but "dragonrider armor" clearly implies that dragons are a valid option for a mount.  There's no reason a halfling couldn't ride a krenshar, or a human couldn't ride a bulette, even though nothing in their entry mentions being a mount.

the rule for charging while mounted is that you move the mount's speed (following the rules for charging with minimum distance and allowed squares) and then make your attack.  CERTAIN mounts with the mount trait for which the rider has the mounted combat feat can make attacks as part of a charge.  As far as special rules for using certain weapons as part of mounted charges, the specific weapons would say if they do anything extraordinary in their descriptions. 
Being the DM, you have a lot of wiggle room. I'm playing a campaign where everyone has a mount. We've got a displacer beast, a dire boar, a rhino, a panda (reskinned owlbear), and now a chimaera. To get our mounts, we had to defeat the creature then do a skill challenge to tame it. We can't use the special abilities of our mounts during combat unless they have to mount keyword. For example, I can use the boar's charging powers (I have Mounted Combat), but we can't take advantage of the displacer's beast displacement. But we can use the displacer beast's perception or the boars's strength (of course, if the displacer beast sees something, he can only express as much info as a displacer beast can, so nothing specific).

You can always DM out the large requirement. There are even some medium mounts that can be used by medium characters, like the fastieth and the erdlu. You could make some new creatures with the Medium Steed trait or apply it to some creatures already out there.


Like Tubaman says, you can potentially mount anything. Whether or not it's willing depends on the creature and how you want to rule it. For example, my DM won't let us ride bulettes because he says they would crush us as soon as they started burrowing.
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