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My character was knocked unconscious in a dungeon crawl, and one of the NPCs carried him out alive. To do this, however, the NPC had to leave my armor and equiptment in the dungeon because he couldn't carry it all. Now my character is recovering at a temple, but will have no gear when he retuns to consciousness. What does one do in this situation?  Do I try to fight my way back to my armor, after allowing the dungeon creatures three in-game days to gain back their lost territory? Do I simply abandon it? I'm only level 1 so it wasn't an investment, but still...
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What would your character do?

Does your character have any special attachment to the gear?  Was his sword passed down from his legendary great-great-great-grandpa? 

Is your character the kind of person who would swear vengence on these people and make them pay?

Or, does your character simply not give a crap?  I'm assuming that since it's level 1, it's all mundane gear which can be replaced for a few gp at the local blacksmith.

Also, why were you exploring the dungeon anyways?  Did you achieve your objectives the first time around?  If not, you still need to go down there to do the thing you went down there in the first place to do.

This could be a golden opportunity for role-playing and fleshing out your character background.  First off, not going back down is kind of lame.  It's like reading a choose your own adventure book and at the first choice picking "I turn down the exciting mission."  So, ask why your character might have a special reason to want to go down.  And, it could be a good plot hook.  Maybe your character's sword is really really special, and one of the evil guys in the dungeon took off with it.  Now you and your buddies have to track him down, kill him, and take it back.  Perhaps if your buddies follow you on this journey, you will owe them a debt of gratitude.  That could easily be at least a few sessions worth of adventure, and a way to build bonds between the party members.
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I'm not really thinking that I simply wouldn't go back to the dungeon, just not immediately. His main quest is in that dungeon, but the way I figure, after getting smashed up the first time around, he's not going to be too willing to go back in with no armor, no torches, no adventuring gear in general. I guess my real question is how do I acquire the adventuring equiptment I need to make it past any baddies that are between me and my old stuff? I don't have any money, because the last of my coins were given to the temple owners to heal me, so I can't buy back the gear... Do I steal stuff from town (CN alignment) or just do Craft and Profession for a few weeks until I make enough money?

It's less about the importance of the specific items in the dungeon, and more about how to spring back from having nothing.  
Currently DMing a 3.5e AoW game one night a week. Players are almost through Three Faces of Evil. If you are considering beginning this campaign using this edition, I can help.
You could ask the rest of the group to buy some replacement gear for you, at least the stuff you absolutely need to have, then let them keep your share of any loot the part finds until you've paid them back.
My character died at level 14 ( one of the highlights of my game, I might add ) and the remaining Heroes were forced to retreat carrying only his bloodied ears. My DM wisely ruled that after Resurrection I managed to put together all of my gear, or at such high levels I would be all but useless without the Enhancement bonuses.

To be fair though, at level 1 its much less worth of equipment. The DM could have the bad guys send a raiding party out, equipped with some of your gear, and then beat the snot out of them. But since you're the Player, frankly going in a couple Encounters seem reasonable for a sure-loot thing. Meantime, you might need to get yourself a ranged weapon and stay back.

So yeah whatever makes sense.

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Sign up with the local law enforcement agency, ask them for gear, and return to the dungeon because there's some seriously shady business going down that needs to be stopped.
a weapon is the most important thing for you.  you'll have to shell out anywhere from 2 to 20 gold most likely to replace a lost weapon.  Thats what you want to ask mostly for the help with.  keep in mind that if there are any encounter areas that you've previously fought in and defeated enemies, their gear might still be there.  Expect to have to get your DM to work with you and not simply say that the swordsman you killed earlier had nothing....at all.

armor is your next challenge.  Depending on what you were wearing, you might have had the pricey plate, or the cheapo leather.  If you had plate, you may consider downgrading to chain temporarily to save cash, or even light armor if your dex/int isn't TOO bad.  The big thing is, if you were the defender, its in the entire party's best interest to get you the best armor possible as fast as possible...whether pitching in gold, or even giving you their armor and going without themselves!  If you weren't the defender, than armor isn't that big of a deal, you simply fight more carefully. 

Now, here's the COOL stuff.

maybe the local blacksmith has some jobs you can do for him to purchase armor!  (fulfills the "don't wanna go back right away" along with getting gear AND making friends and advancing the plot!)

Maybe you could try Svendj's idea to join the local constabulary, or any other agency that provides some gear.  Ideally for your DM though, he should ask you (through them) to do some work for the group you join before you go back to the dungeon.

heck, you could even run a few streetwise checks to see if "used and ill-gotten gear" can be purchased discreetly for very cheap, possibly ending up with scale armor with a knife hole in the center of the back, and a longsword that has a still-bloody handle, as well as the crest of the town guard on the hilt.  The great thing for the DM could be that the streetwise check you make doesn't determine whether or not you find and are able to afford the gear, but rather HOW discreetly you purchased it!         
These are all great suggestions. I play a soulknife, so the weapon thing was actually not a problem at all. I ended up doing the blacksmith thing though, and the DM said that the blacksmith would give me a side quest in the future so it all worked out. I hadn't even thought of the streetwise checks idea, and I bet the DM would have gone for that, but the blacksmith idea worked out just fine. Next session we'll be going back in the dungeon, and I shall be sashaying up to those skeletons in full chain mail, ready to send them back to the dead. Thanks all, appreciate the help!
Currently DMing a 3.5e AoW game one night a week. Players are almost through Three Faces of Evil. If you are considering beginning this campaign using this edition, I can help.