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Hey EDH forum,

So, I recently felt the need to come up with a group hug deck. My only problem was I don't really like other people winning, its a small charicter flaw of mine.  I thought, "What if all of my opponents had cool/scary creatures but they couldn't use them on me!" The result is this monstrosity. The general idea is to give everyone lots of creatures, lots of incentive to use those creatures, but not let them send their creatures my way.

Without further ado, here is the list broken up the way that makes sense to me: 

The General

Karona, False God

Karona encourages everyone to attack and provides a lot of damage herself. There is a section of things to protect her later on.

The Pledge

Land for everyone!

Collective Voyage
Veteran Explorer

Cards for everyone!

Minds Aglow 
Heartwood Storyteller I gave prefrence to draw that occured outside of the draw step to combo with Solitary Confinement
Jace Beleren
Trade Secrets Nothing wrong with making friends, as long as you get your cut
Anvil of Bogardan This lets everyone keep all these cool cards they are drawing
Noble Benefactor

Creatures for everyone!

Boldwyr Heavyweights 
Braids, Conjurer Adept
Weird Harvest Grab stuff for Braids and Genesis
Liege of the Hollows Because, squirrels.

Counterspells for the pesky field wipes that ruin everyone's fun:

Arcane Denial 

And to skim my percentage off the top:

Shapesharer doubles as an avatar!
Eternal Witness
Pulsemage Advocate
Taurean Mauler Also an avatar, this deck is quickly turning tribal
Increasing Devotion
venser's journal Ok this just lets me keep the cool cards
Congregate Because you just bought 15 squirrels
Blatant Thievery Choice targets
Insurrection alternative win condition

The Turn

Once everybody is loaded up on creatures I play one of these bad boys to make things interesting:

Crescendo of War Carrot
Invasion Plans Carrot
Maddening Imp Stick!
Bedlam No reason not to attack now
Fumiko the Lowblood Bushido 15? (remember the squirrels)
Grand Melee 
Avatar of Laughter Because you can't spell Slaughter without it

And some stuff to keep my guys alive in this Bedlam:

Darksteel Plate
Shield of the Oversoul Works wonders on Karona
General's Kabuto
That Which was Taken

The Prestige 

And here is where I remove myself from the equation and let everyone else fight to the death

Glacial Chasm this has the added bonus of keeping my creatures from entering the Melee
Maze of Ith EDH staple, and fits the theme
Condemn spot removal for pesky creatures
Path to Exile
Swords to Plowshares 
Ghostly Prison make opponents pay to attack
Humility Keeps things simple, and rarely worth paying 2 to swing with a 1/1.
Leyline of Sanctity
Witchbane Orb
Ixidron See Humility
Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs as long as people are attacking me I might as well get some critters
Palliation Accord Kinda a weird card, but good when everyone is attacking
Platinum Emperion Has a giant target on his head, but gets the job done
Blazing Archon Straight-forward
Island Sanctuary
Solitary confinement

Also some support cards:

Academy Rector Doesn't mind suicide missions
Greater Auramancy
Sterling Grove
Necropotence Who needs draw steps anyways. Just don't accidently cast with Platinum Emperion 
Privileged Position

The Lands

Reliquary tower
Unstable Frontier I don't have to pay life for Glacial Chasm if it is a Forest
Vault of the archangel As long as I'm attacking anyway...
Terrain Generator Power out some land
Vivid Grove
Vivid Meadow
Vivid Creek
Vivid Crag I went with the vivid cycle to smooth out my mana, I considered alpha duals and fetch lands, but, to me, that felt like cheating
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
Forbidden Orchard
Command Tower
City of Brass Doesn't ding you with Glacial Chasm or Solitary Confinement
Darksteel Ingot hmm.. I guess that isn't technically a land
Grand Coliseum
Rainbow Vale I don't mind sharing the love
Shimmering Grotto
Rupture Spire
Reflecting Pool

Basic land to hit with Collective Voyage
Forest x4 
Plains x5
Island x5
mountain x4
swamp x3

The plan to win is to keep the fight equal enough that the last guy standing is significantly injured, enough so that I can finish him off. Or just to hit a big enough Insurrection.

I would love any advice or feedback. I've only played it once, and that against myself, so I don't know where the holes are. 

I would like to know of any more tricks to make people attack, or to keep them from attacking me. I cut No Mercy, Spirit of Resistance, Energy Field, and Ensnaring Bridge because I wasn't sure they would work consistantly.

I might add a Soul Warden if I can figure out what to cut. I'm sure I'll take incidental damage and it would put me in a better position once all but one of my opponents are eliminated. 

Also if anyone has thoughts for making sure the lands work, there a lot of color intensive spells in here.

Thanks in advance
If you Trade secrets me, chances are high I will draw around 46 cards ;)

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46 cards,huh?

That's...1-2-3.. carry the two... that's 92 cards. I'm pretty sure I can stop drawing at some point since it says "draw up to four cards" but I'll look into it.


Love Crawlspace, I'll find a spot for that right away. The other two are good too. I'll put them on the list of stuff to find a spot for.
This seems like the type of deck that will have everyone gunning for you. Crescendo of War (in my experience) makes me the target all the time. Also people do not like taking big damage the whole time, so all your  Unblockable cards are gonna get shot down and then they are gonna come for you for even using them.

It seems like a group hug, but to me it would be a annoyance. The unblockable/combat rage tricks will get you targeted. You also have too much removal for something like this. Also get rid of putting creatures into play/permanents. You will quickly learn to regret adding things like that. Just stick with giving mana/card draw and find a way to win (I.e milling through card draw or something like Soulblast
I feel like you may have missed the point.  I started with the idea to build a deck that would force my opponents to kill each other. And then I picked a general and built a deck that could accomplish that goal. The cards you suggest I cut are the whole reason I built this paticular deck. It would be like going to the wright brothers and telling them they would have a better chance getting across the field if they took the wings off. Sure you might be right, but it isn't helpful.  I'm aware that it isn't the easiest, or best, way to win at EDH, but I enjoy the challenge in deck building and in playing.

You also seem to overlook the fact that I've devoted a substantial amout of the deck to defensive measures. In theory even once I make enemies it won't be easy to wipe me out of the game. (Again, I'm sure this isn't the best way to win EDH overall, but it is the best way I could think of to win using this concept)

To clarify, I'm not contending that your point is wrong. In fact it seems to me that it would be easier to win through mass draw milling (although I'm not sure about Soulblast. That card seems too limited since it only has one target, and weak to field wipes, but I digress). And I have no doubt that I would make fewer enemies if I cut all the combat rage tricks. Unfortunatly the result would be a different deck, one that doesn't really make sense with my general and would leave me sitting in my own bubble with no real interesting way to affect the game.

I do take your point, that there is too much spot removal, well. I'll take out some of it for more useful multi-player spells. I will also consider removing the cards that dump creatures on the field, but only so I can replace them with more ways to give people a lot of little creatures that are easier to deter.


46 cards,huh?

That's...1-2-3.. carry the two... that's 92 cards. I'm pretty sure I can stop drawing at some point since it says "draw up to four cards" but I'll look into it.


Love Crawlspace, I'll find a spot for that right away. The other two are good too. I'll put them on the list of stuff to find a spot for.

Hm, never noticed that "up to" part. You win, I lose

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I actually really like the idea of using Karona as a group hug general. It's kind of funny when your general get's to kill everyone at the table.

Your running Collective voyage, but you don't have New Frontiers.
Its going to eat me!
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What happens if there's a tie for first?
Monkey knife fight
Thanks Darkeshrine. 

I didn't find New Frontiers I'll definitly find a place for it.
can add in some of the vow cards like Vow of Flight and Vow of Wilderness ect on your general and then she can't attack you when she is in someone else's control
My friend tuns Homeward Path in his Karona deck so that he can threaten to use it when someone looks like they're going to attack him with her. Its pretty funny.
prismatic omen and coalition victory and last stand and fist of suns and ice cave

Coalition Victory is banned.
doh..missed that one..makes sense tho
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