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I get that everyone has a different idea of what Eberron is about, and we all have the right to make changes for our home game. But I just ran across this synopsis of an Eberron homegame that literally destroys everything significant about the setting and changes it into something completely different. 

I have created a dark campaign homebrew area in northern Frostfell  (Eberron)... Running a Return to The Temple of Elemental Evil campaign.

A 100 year war plagued the main continent of Khorvaire. Some Brelish pilgrims and settlers and refugees fled north and started a new colony in the frigid north. Some adventurers stumbled apon a nasty Devil invasion. For the next decade or so these powerful Heroes did battle with the Frost Devils.

Ending climatically with an arcane cataclysm, that destroyed an ancient old race native to the area and sundering open the a planar rift to a Darkenworld.

The area that had the cataclysm is now called the Old Kingdom.  Back in New Breland, a plague swept over the area. Killing all who possessed magic. The population was decimated by a 3rd. Disappearances and pestilence ran amok. A strange sect of Priestloks swept into the north offering salvation at a steep cost. The souls of your 1st born...... the people agreed.... and this opened up the gates to the Devils (Infernals) They renamed the land Gomorriah, took control of the govts and the people.  13 years later the Galchutt Priestloks , Nacht Soldiers and the demigod Vecna rule securely and are waging wars on a few dif planes.
We are presently based out of the Moathouse which is 8 hrs away from the Old Kingdom border and a few days away from Gilgamesh, the seat of power of the evils. Looking for clues and allies in these dark days.............

I don't mean to be a snob, but this feels like a horrid fanfic. Priestloks. Gomorriah. VECNA for pete's sake! Why use Eberron if you're just going to transplant your home campaign there? 

"Ah, the age-old conundrum. Defenders of a game are too blind to see it's broken, and critics are too idiotic to see that it isn't." - Brian McCormick

I honestly don't have an answer for you. It'd prolly be more efficient to just import the elements of Eberron that you like, rather than beating up on Eberron until it rolls over and plays dead.

But, if everybody's having fun, well, who are we to object?

'Course, if that guy comes here asking for help, the response would probably be, "you're not playing Eberron, so we can't help you." 

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