Big List of Mundane things for flavour

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I've been trying to find a list of mundane... junk (for a lack of a better word).  Trinkets, tools, things.  But my google-fu has failed me.  All I can find are things like magic item generators which create items specifically designed to fit into a particular system or equipment slot.

I want something that the party finds after each encounter that doesn't do anything for the party unless they get creative.  These items:

  1. should not easily fall into any role presented by the standard equipment slots (no typical weapons, armour, magic items etc)

  2. should be of little value if straight up sold

  3. should provide flavour for the campaign and provoke creativity

 I have a small list of like 20 items I got somewhere, but I want to expand it, and it even has a couple basic weapons and armours on it, so it's not even 20 items....  I'd love to locate a list of like 1000 items to roll from randomly when the party stumbles across something or kills a foe.


  • Drinking Horn

  • Moldy Wheel of Cheese

  • Small bag of salt

  • Necklace of animal fangs

  • 5 foot length of chain

  • carved wooden idol

  • Sewing Needle

  • Cracked pot (5lbs)

  • Perfectly round small granite rock

  • Empty glass bottle

If nothing exists, I might need to make a new thread to brainstorm such a list Cool