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So we're 1 session into a game right now, with the second session approaching soon.  The first session consisted of "write up characters, very brief discussion, then sit down and play so that all involved could get their weekly D&D fix."

Well, the party made a big collection of wierdos.  Not a big problem in and of itself, but how do you play a wierdo in a group of wierdos without making it seem like comic relief all the time?  Let me give some info on the group:

LG bugbear cleric of bahamut (real powergamer type player....this character is the real striker of the group)
Wilden Warden (wildblood) - player wants to be a tree person in touch with nature
Pixie Beastmaster Ranger who RIDES her hawk - player loves pets, always wants a flying mount, we put 2 and 2 together
Githzerei Slayer - player plays him as a Swordmaster teaching his arts to some random guy who tags along with us and doesn't do much (basically he's the slayer's pupil, and is an RP presence only)

And me.  I'm playing a Human sorceror....
a human cosmic sorceror.....
a human cosmic sorceror that happens to be a seer (seer theme)...
a human cosmic sorceror that happens to be a 100% BLIND seer.

The concept is great, he "sees" only the stars, and is 100% mechanically blind, with all the penalties that entails.  To solve some of the problems, he has the blindfighting sentinel feat (which gives him no perception penalty and makes him not grant CA to creatures he can't see), and next level he's taking Blindfighting warrior, and the DM gave an OK on it pplying to ranged attacks instead of melee, so i'll be able to finally use non area powers.

mechanically the character is sound, if slightly underpowered due to feat investment and such, but shouldn't be a problem in this group.  Roleplaying-wise, the character is awesome and a lot of fun.  We decided that my character spoke of a prophecy which he couldn't see all of, he simply knew he was supposed to collect these 4 people and go to this place and wait for it to be revealed (not a leader per se, but responsible for the party getting together).  

I'm looking for ideas of nifty little quirks and such i can include with the character that will accentuate the "blind seer" concept, but keep the character from becoming a running joke.  Obviously if i treat the character as being able to see all the time, it won't really matter that he's blind, other than having wasted a few feats - i'm looking to accentuate the point that he's blind and something of an oracle (old hermit) without making him do stupid crap like running into trees or looking at the wrong person while talking.

I've already got him referring to most things cryptically, which taes some effort and thought but really enhances the character.  When i use the seer theme power (i pick a player and roll 3 dice, which become their next 3 d20 rolls - basically fortune telling) i try to be all mysterious when i tell them their fortune, while still giving the general impression of the dice.

so TLDR, i've got a 100% blind cosmic sorceror with the Seer theme, what cool ideas can you think of for me to use that will accentuate his blindness and prophecy without being simply comic relief?       
An arcane familiar would be a good idea to spice the character up, especially if the familiar is a good foil to the characters personality. As a cosmic sorcerer, you're connection with the stars is similar with star pact warlocks, so aberrant related familiars might be thematically. I'd take a Beholderkin myself XD

Aside from that, accentuating his blindness without the issues of not being able to see is about more a subtlety than anything else if you ask me. How does the character keep track of his money? How does he know which staff or dagger to use? Does he worry about his appearence, or does he pay it little heed?

For inspiration, watch the movies "Ray" and "Daredevil" to take in the subtle nuances of how the characters deal with their blindness to get ideas on how everyday life for him might be different than for others.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
I love the arcane familiar idea.  I don't mind funny, i just want the character not to just become a joke...he needs to be a fun and interesting a deep character in his own right, and even just a little nudge too far will make it break down.  A beholderkin feels perfect....not only is the "stars" connection already there....but a beholder?  with all their eyes!, that just feels really amusing....maybe the character is spiteful of the familiar for "rubbing it in" with all its eyes...

I've already looked at the "gear" issue already....its a minimalist approach, my only gear consists of money and one healing potion in a belt pouch.  I don't need torches obviously.  I've opted out of a bedroll, waterskin and rations (we rarely track that stuff, it seems like the kind of thing to pick up when i'll need it), no flint and steel (i have fire powers), no rope.  Just a belt pouch, healing potion, some money, and my staff (walking stick) that i carry around.  He dresses in tattered clothing presently (his "backstory" as it exists so far is just an old, blind hermit who lived in the middle of nowhere who was mildly prophetic).

I might consider the movie ideas....but PROBABLY won't watch them, as i have a hard time taking ideas and hints from movies or TV without stealing the entire story.  I feel at the moment its better not to tempt myself.

Arcane familiar is almost definitely my next level 4 feat, , or maybe even a retrained level 1 feat (i currently have staff expertise and blindfighting sentinel - this would be a lot easier of a character to have built at 2 or 4).     
* Your character could have a highly developed sense of smell and/or hearing. Whenever someone whispers, his DC is easier than normal. Or whenever another character doesn't take a bath, he makes sure to stand downwind all the time.
*Maybe because he's blind he has specialized in hunting invisible creatures, so he can tell where they are by sound. Maybe because he's a seer, he knows where they're going to be, rather than where they are.
*He'd have to have a different method of recognizing people than what they look like, probably by their voices. Which means that if someone can do mimicry they could fool him, but disguises are useless.
*He knows where his equipment is by location, so if someone moves his stuff he gets really mad.

I like the idea of a familiar, especially if the familiar occasionally lies about/embelleshes what it sees to screw with him.
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I Know it's a long way off, but in Paragon there is a feat "Sorcerous Vision" I think that lets you use Arcana for your Perception and Insight checks. Refluff as hes premonitions giving him a flash of the future just before it happens? As in whats going to happen in three seconds. It can be a LOT of fun playing that character. Try answering people's questions before they finish, or reacting to something someone hasnt said yet. And hey if you guess wrong "THE THREADS OF FATE ARE TANGLED HERE! DESTINY LIES HEAVY UPON THE LAND!" hehe
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