Shardmind minis

I'm an extremely new D&D player so after our first game I decided to get a mini for my PC; an extremely cliche Shardmind Psion. So I found some old rocks/gems/etc smashed them up with a hammer and glued together my own custom Shardmind mini. At the second game everyone was amazed by it and everyone suggested I could sell them. I was doubtful so I decided to ask here on the forums if anyone thinks theyre worth buying (a lot of what I have read hints that not a lot of people like psions) and perhaps how much I could get for them. The one i made is mostly white/purple/clear. I can do other colors but I'm guessing the materials needed will be more expensive.

Sorry - I have no idea how to make them thumbnails ><
that looks really nice
thanks, realmaster. let's split up!!!!! RIP Gary Gygax 1938-2008 RIP Dave Arneson 1947-2009 Click here to see my have/want list I have over 90 completed trades on Maxminis, WOTC and Hordelings under the same user name.
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