Whare are the must see places/ must do things for Ebberon?

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I've got a bit of a limited timeframe to work with for my current campaign before it has to end (players leaving) and I was wondering what are some of the highlights of Ebberon? I've already got the party on an airship and they're about to go to Sharn (probably) but what else is iconic of Ebberon that makes if feel like a different setting from vanilla 4e that I should have the players experience?

A Lightning Rail fight is a definite....

Perhaps a Valenar-Aernal run, to show off the "Our Elves are Different" feel; you have Khorvaire elves, Valenar war-mongering psycopaths, and necromancer Elves. Could stop by the Talenta Plains to show off dinosaur-riding halfling barbarians..... 

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I think I'm going to have them do some stuff with the lightning rail, do the Talenta Plains and then maybe see if I can get them to willingly go to Argonnessen. Because who doesn't love trains dinosaurs and dragons?
If you're looking for encounter locations, definitely the lightning rail is a MUST. For the players to catch the atmoshpere of this amazing setting, I'd send them to an embassy, though: a cloak and dagger socialite evening is a classic Eberronian episode.

Also, in the exotic eberronian locations category, you should try a Cannith workshop, and a temple or catacomb devoted to the Dark Six with plenty of torturing devices.

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I'd do something to show off the "shades of grey" of Eberron, too. Perhaps tied in to the Valenar story arc you could have the PCs working with Karrnath at Fort Bones. Have some Paladins of the Blood of Vol or something leading the charge of skeletal minions alongside the PCs. Members of a necromantic cult that charge heroically into battle for king and country always tickles my fancy.

The PCs should also get screwed over by someone kind. Either House Jorasco's healers, Queen Aurala, the "friendly" gnomes or Zilargo or someone like that. Eberron shows that things aren't as they appear, everyone is self-serving and jerks, while simultaneously most people are "good" to some degree, too.

Other things that I like about Eberron include: shifters/silver flame; droam and monsters walking the streets; the Gatekeepers and orcs as druids; the Draconic Prophecy and its manipulation by the Chamber; Warforged having identity crises; spies, inquisitives, newspapers and intrigue.
An Eberron PC Top 10 Bucket List!   A great way of looking at Eberron and thanks, I needed a laugh:-)

Ride the lightning rail (perhaps a nice train robbery adventure or a murder mystery to solve while on board?)
Explore the bowels of Sharn and foil a Dark Six or other baddie design
Fight/fight with halflings on dinosaurback   

Help me make a good list and then rank it...

infiltrate a Masquerade Ball

defend an airship from Sky Pirates

win the Race of the Eight Winds

survive a game of Six Stones

request aid from the Daughters of Sora Kell, or Mordain the Fleshweaver, or Xor'chylic

brave the Mournland in order to defeat the Lord of Blades

brave the jungles of Xen'drik in order to find the true origin of the Creation Forges 
Rescue a prisoner from Dreadhold.

Have a fight on the roof of a riding lightning rail train.

Three odes to SF movies placed in Eberron:
Having a skycoach chase scene in Sharn.

Find a warforged or two looking like a human who murdered his creator preferably in the lower regions of Sharn to get the mood right.

Fighting a nightmare monster while enroute on a ship that is released from the skull in a gory exploding fashion (preferably found while exploring a ruin in Xendrik).
Fight on the roof of a tower in Sharn.
....in a lightning storm.

naturax, and others, have brought up airships. One of my favorite sequences from Whispers of the Vampire's Blade was an airship fight where, once the NPC has escaped/the PCs have done well enough that the fight is a forgone conclusion, the enemy airship crashes into the PCs airship, and everything begins to plummet to the ground. Do that. For bonus points, break right after the airship crashes.

Gold is for the mistress, silver for the maid

Copper for the craftsman, cunning at his trade.

"Good!" said the Baron, sitting in his hall,

"But Iron -- Cold Iron -- is master of them all." -Kipling


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57019168 wrote:
I am a hero, not a chump.

Sharn is not only a must go itself, but is full of its own must go places. While you are there, there is this little deli in Myshan Gardens that does a pastrami on homemade rye with kraut imported fresh from Xen'drik kraut trees...

On a more adventuresome note, my biggest suggestion is for shades of grey I'd go with an old fashioned espionage noir adventure in post-war Thaliost, after watching a few of that sort of movie about post-war Berlin for inspiration.

Other than that, I'd recommend getting lost deep in Xen'drik for a little while, I mean really lost until the party finally stumbles onto a settlement or airship drop point or some other point of rescue. Friendly (or at least not openly hostile) giants or drow might make for an interesting and flavorful contact.

A trip through the canyons of the Demon Wastes is a character building experience.

Searching for and eventually finding a magnificent grove or grotto in the Eldeen Reaches would just be pleasant.

Finally, if you have the time, making the difficult trip to Dar Jin would give your players a taste of the exotic.

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