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Hey everyone.  I'm relatively new to magic and just built my own b/u zombie deck that I'm about to try out for the first time tomorrow.  Like I mentioned, I'm relatively new so I don't understand all of the ins and outs of the game.  My deck focuses on getting gravecrawlers out and beefing them up with cemetery reapers and diregraf captains, and having potential finishers in geralf's messenger, grimgrin, or mikaeus.  I thought of some potential scenarios that could come up that I would like to know what would happen before playing the cards:

1.)  If I have a diregraf captain and another zombie and declare them as attackers.  If both of them die during combat, will the captain's ability where my opponent takes 1 damage every time a zombie dies be put into effect?  And does it also happen whenever a diregraf captain would die?

2.)  does the diregraf captain's ability stack? i.e. if I have 2 captains out and a gravecrawler dies, does my opponent take 2 damage?

3.)  If I sacrifice a zombie, will the diregraf captain's ability be activated?

4.)  Can I sacrifice creatures at will?  If I have 2 diregraf captains and 2 gravecrawlers can I sacrifice the 2 gravecrawlers to make my opponent take damage?

5.)  If I sacrifice a gravecrawler to untap grimgrin, can I immediately pay the 1 black mana to bring the gravecrawler back?  And can this ability only be done at sorcery speed, and will it cause the gravecrawler to have summoning sickness?  

Sorry there were so many questions, but thanks for helping! 
1) Yes, a Diregraf Captain's ability will trigger if both himself and other Zombies die simultaneously. Creatures die at the same time, so abilities that rely on it still go off. Also, the Captain says, "Whenever another Zombie dies," so no, he cannot set off his own ability.

2) Yes, both abilities would go off if a Gravecrawler died. Each one is activated by the "Whenever" trigger, so they both go on the stack and (assumedly) resolve.

3) As long as the Zombie goes from the Battlefield to a Graveyard, then yes, even Sacrificing a Zombie will trigger the ability.

4) No, you cannot sacrifice permanents, shuffle your deck, or discard cards without an effect to make it happen (Altar's Reap, for instance, would allow you to sacrifice that Gravecrawler, or more commonly, Mortarpod).

5) Yes, you may pay :B: to replay the Gravecrawler immediately after sacrificing him to Grimgrin; however, note that I said "replay" there, as it is important. Gravecrawler's ability allows him to be replayed from your Graveyard, meaning you play him as if just cast from your hand. This means that it can, indeed, only be done at Sorcery speed, and that yes, he does have Summoning Sickness.

Hope this helps!
Resident Logic Cannon
A good way to use Gravecrawler is to build a deck like this:

x4 Gravecrawler

x4 Diregraf Captains

x4 Grimgrin, Corpse Born (note only one can be out at a time because of the Legendary Creature rule)

x4 Rooftop Storm

(Load the deack with Diabolic Tutors and Increasing Ambition to find your cards.)

So get at least one of each out, use Grimgrin's ability to sack Gravecrawler (you can use it even if he is untapped), that will trigger Diregraf Captain's static ability of dealing 1 to a player, Rooftop Storm allows you to play Gravecrawler from the graveyard for free. Just wash, rinse, and repeat unlimited times and win.

Have fun with this, and irritate your friends! Smile
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