Tortured Vestige

and from Revenge of the Giants: Piranoth, Coming Soon...
Very nice! Good job!
Trying to find the extra camera battery...

so along with Piranoth, we'll have Open Grave's Oreiax and a Flameskull Lord from Dungeon Delves.
Piranoth (Revenge of the Giants)

Flameskull Lord (Dungeon Delves) and Oreiax (Open Grave)

A couple of Pack Inix from Dark Sun (made from McDonald's toys, they look like Dewbacks or something)

Obelisk of the Lidded Eye (from Tomb of Horrors) and Acererek's Machine from (Revenge of the Giants)
Coming Soon...  Oublivae mini (Level 30 Solo) from Demonomicon. She's almost assembled, next comes the priming and painting.
More minis, from left to right...
Catoblepas (Monster Manual 3) Kuo-Toa Leviathan (Underdark) and Oublivae (Demonomicon)

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