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I am trying to become a Rules Advisor, but I am having trouble finding a reasonable site that gives me all the ins and outs of the game

Could you please give me a site that has the full rules book for MTG
You're probably not getting many replies because this forum is meant only for posting set FAQs, and shouldn't be used to ask questions. Rules Q&A or Magic General would be better.

This page has the basic and Comprehensive rulebooks, links to Gatherer and banned/restricted lists and tournament rules. You may not need the latter but they're helpful to digest.

The best way to use the CR is to scroll through fast to get a sense of what each section covers, then hangout in RQ&A. Try answering questions and researching the underpinning rules.

Make a note of strange situations that come up while you play, and ask in RQ&A to see if you handled it right.

Once you've done that for a while, you should start to look at exploring new areas. Try not to get too heavily involved in complexities, but don't run from them either.

The most complex areas of the rules (in descending order) are: -

  1. Replacement and prevention effects.

  2. Copy effects.

  3. The face-down status.

  4. Layers.

Many people overstate the complexity of the layer system. In over 90% of cases, it's a matter of applying the sort order the rules specify. The complications are anything ivolving dependency, the copy rules and face-down status (especially where the two interact) and Volrath's Shapeshifter - because it doesn't have a copy effect.

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