03/15/2012 TD: "Channel: Dumbo Drop"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Top Decks article, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
please explain to me how Bridge's Zombie tokens trigger Flayer of the Hatebound?

I dont see it, maybe Warstorm Surge, but flayer? The zombies dont come from the bin, so they dont trigger. So please, elaborate 
Ravarshi, you are correct on that.

I'm Ando Ferguson. Flayer does not trigger off Bridge Zombies. I use it as a quick-win combo, dread returning it and Golgari Grave-Troll to play to fire off a massive amount of damage at my opponent.

I'd like to take a minor nitpick at Mr. Flores's article, though. You are incorrect when you said nobody likes dredge. I am a guy who loves dredge very much.
Thank you Ando, i do like the aspect of grave-troll triggering flayer, although if warstorm surge had a body i think it'd be better in that situation as well.
I love the irony of someone whining about "unfair combo decks" when their own deck uses cards like umezawa's jitte, batterskull, stoneforge mystic, etc. I fail to see how those cards and other cards used, such as force of will and the ever popular swords to plowshares, are any more fair than choke.
I can never manage to stifle the giggle that comes when someone says "Force the Choke..."
Where exactly was this whining?

this Fair vs Unfair concept is used to describe combo decks / decks that seek to violate the principles of magic vs decks that are based around creatures or normal interactive elements.  It doesn't really have anything to do with the relative power levels of the cards. 
Just Tom Martell putting things back to their place. Also, congrats for your victory. Intuition + Lingering Souls is insane. After looking at the list though, a friend and I had a question; Why not include a second Intuition? I'm sure one of those 2 Ponders could go out, so why?

On to the article now. It's pretty well-written, and you gotta love how it supports legacy so much. I'd love to see this format getting more attention and not being sneezed at by Type 2 players saying "it's all about turn-2 kills, not fair" and stuff like that. I'd also love to see more articles regarding legacy, I'm sure others would agree.
why is the actual card dredge linked? this article is just another terrible flores thing. he hasnt been relevant since he made that lightning angel deck and jushi blue. his articles havent been good in forever. but magicthegathering.com has been such a tier 2 website for such a long time now
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