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Okay, so mono black vamps has been sone before but I thought it would fun to have a way to throw Sorin Markov  in the mix!

This is an older deck that I have but am looking for a way to spruce it up!

4x vampire lacerator
2x bloodthrone vampire
2x bloodghast
2x kalastria highborn
2x gatekeeper of malakir
4x vampire nighthawk
2x vampire nocturnus  (only have 2 and any more could possibly be just un-fun. he's so beast)!
1x Anowon, the Ruin Sage  (for flavor purposes w/ Sorin) plus when he sticks......
1x Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief  (nice beater and removal on a stick)
2x malakir bloodwitch 
1x nirkana revenant

2x Sorin Markov (on turn 4 he's tough to beat)

Other Spells
1x blade of the bloodchief
2x dark ritual  (I just got some more need to figure out what to replace)
4x disfigure  (tried urge to feed  but the one mana seems to make this the star)
2x go for the throat  (hows this for flavor, ha, ha) used to have feast of blood but this is instant
3x sign in blood  for needed card dig

2x bojuka bog  anti graveyard or chandra's phoenix
1x dread statuary  surprise creature late mid-late game
2x quicksand  surprise removal
18x swamps

So this is what I got. Obviously I need to figure where to add 2 more rituals  and also I would like to know if there is a better one drop and what would be the better 2 drops. The three I have work great in unison (I consider gatekeeper of malakir  a three drop) but I was considering removing the bloodthrone vampires in favor on the rituals and didn't know if I should just run 4 kalastria highborns instead of bloodghast?

I also have a B/W/r Sorin deck that is standard (my very first standard deck), it is posted in the standard side but doesn't seem to get a lot of response there. Here is the link if you are interested. (I hope that I can do this right)!_First_standard_deck

Well tell me what you think. Thoughts, suggestions, critiques? All are appreciated! Thanks in advance!
This is a pretty solid deck as is. The dark rits...I'd actually cut. It's really not needed. I'd go for some faster early vamps, like pulse tracker. Def get 2 more nocturnus. Beast is always good! Umm..I think your removal suite is...terrible. Use dismember over disgure. It costs "1" and 4 life, so it's the same speed/mana, and does way more work. Gftt is good tho...unless your meta is artifact heavy, lol. cabal coffers and urborg, tomb of yawgmoth love nirkana revenant who all love consume spirit could be fun. I like the singleton blade of the bloodchief. My buddy ran a vamps list with 4 bloodghast which is typical but he also ran eldrazi monument. Sac the ghast for Also if u wanna run the ghast, you need sac lands. They also help reshuffle the deck if nocturnus sees a non-black card.
Mr. Markov himself is...pretty weak. I see him for flavor, but other than not, cut him.
Good first draft for sure.


I actually just playtested with 4 dark rituals after removing 2 bloodthrone vampires and I was quite pleased. I was playing against aggro goblins so that made a turn 4 Sorin  devastating against that type of deck, essentially be able to kill any creature and gain 2 life. Also had a turn 3 Drana  and a turn 4 nirkana revenant  not to mention this deck is also capable of a turn 1 vampire nighthawk. I know most mono black vamps rely on overwhelming with fast aggressive creatures then drop a vampire nocturnus  and GG, so I thought that I would try something a little different and speed up the curve.  Great point about dismember, will have to invest in some of those! The disfigures are great as long as I am playing aggro but against bigger creatures....., will definately have to sideboard one or the other. urborg, tomb of yawgmoth, great card and would love to have one for this, especially with Nirkana.

jnp, as always, love the advice, thanks! Any other thoughts?

BTW, I do have  vampire hexmages, feast of bloods as a partial sideboard, not sure what else. Do you think that vampire lacerator  is the best one drop for this deck. I do have guul draz vampires and pulse trackers but they don't seem to hold up to the lacerator, I have also tried blood seeker  which I like but with my current 2 drops I would have to go straight aggro, and I was trying to out drop aggro's creatures with the dark rituals by having out flat out better cards out at the same time. This was my thinking anyway, just trying to be different and somewhat unique as vamps are already a strong aggro design.

Are there any good utility creatures like qasali pridemage  for example for a mono black deck? And has anyone checked out my standard deck?
Well if the dark rits work, use em Hexmage makes great SB material vs. planeswalkers especially.
vampire lacerator and guul draz vampire both make great 1 drops for sure. I'd include both if you could cuz if you rely on the dark rits and you don't draw any, you are screwed. Like any aggro deck, control is your nightmare matchup. You may want to increase bloodghast to 4 of, and get some sac lands evolving wilds or the superior marsh flats to keep bringing him out. Also, eldrazi monument is great in the sb vs control. It's a pretty solid deck man. Good job


Thanks jnp! Yeah the eldrazi monument  does look pretty mean and I get what you mean about the sac lands for bloodghast  and vampire nocturnus, both great ideas!

On a side note, I know it has been a while but I have finished my Bolas deck about 2 months ago and it is similar to yours. The only thing that I haven't acquired yet is the thoughtseizes. But it is full of JTMS, scalding tarn and the like. Only 2 creatures now. You gave me some great ideas where that was concerned!
Oh wow awesome-post the new list maybe? I would love to use JTMS but I play tourneys and it's illegal :/ so sad!


Oh wow awesome-post the new list maybe? I would love to use JTMS but I play tourneys and it's illegal :/ so sad!

I know that I prob shouldn't post in this one but oh well, don't fell like starting a new one. Here you go

Creatures - 2
1x Ob Nixilis, the Fallen  Just cause I like him
1x Thraximundar  cause he is just beast and is a great win con!

Planeswalkers - 8
1x Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker  The king we all know and love!
4x Jace, the Mind Sculptor  As you have suggested BA! (I guess I would have to switch if I played in tourny's, but not for casual) ha,ha
3x Liliana Vess  a great pawn for Bolas

Other Spells - 26
1x Demonic Tutor  just cause it's casual
1x Sol Ring  same as above
2x Consuming vapors  because I've noticed the occasional life gain is worth it with crack lands and against some aggro!
2x Innocent blood  at one mana = great removal all around
4x Inquisition of Kozilek  will replace with thoughtseize  eventually
4x Countersquall  should prob use negate  but I love the flavor and I almost always have black mana!
4x Lightning Bolt  As you have said, "best 1 drop red removal" !
4x Terminate  Obviously
4x Slagstorm  I like because it's all creatures OR all players!

Lands - 24
4x Crumbling Necropolis
3x Dragonskull Summit   would also like at least one lavaclaw reaches  as another alternate win con
2x Drowned Catacomb
2x Creeping Tar Pit  alternate win con
3x Scalding Tarn  I though about 4x but 3 seemed sufficient. Also useful when needing to reshuffle after a dead or dry 0 ability with JTMS.
2x Islands
6x Swamps
2x Mountains

And there you have it. I would like to think that you would be proud! You were a big help after all! I suppose if I had to make it legal I would replace the demonic tutor  and sol ring  with another 1 or 2 innocent bloods and or another Bolas!
Excellent list! You are very good in the conclusion you made with consuming vapors! I too made that conclusion a few months ago. I used wurmcoil engine for mine. JTMS is stupid good-if u ever played tourney you would have to replace unless u went to legacy, but it's ok. I actually went to mana leak again over negate/countersquall cuz of a few reasons. One, its actually really useful through the curve against all spells. I found my negate lacking when faced with all this undying stuff that's running rampant-persist too. This makes a big difference, cuz you can't 1 for 1 those cards. You lightning bolt a strangleroot giest and it comes back. Now you are down a card and they aren't. Card disadvantage is bad, lol. 2nd, like i just said, it gives uou extra help against those types of cards, and being able to counter those creatures, or anything problematic for you (like pro when u are out of a sac type card). Those types of deck I just found out are my nightmare MU-u just can't win. That being said, what's your sb like? My current list is posted up here somewhere, Master of Alara its called

This is my current version and it's playing so so deadly. SB Is key here vs those other matchups


Thanks for the link and cool idea's involved!

After reading it I found some things interesting: It is funny because I was really considering niv-mizzet, the firemind, or the abyssal persecutor over ob nixilis, the fallen, especially with all the sac effects, could be a quick game. Also I do like the phyrexian crusader, he is in my sideboard, which hasn't been updated with all the new undying crap running around (I need to do that, but have been working on my standard deck lately and if you take a look at it, it comes with those necessary items!). After seeing your thread I may consider Niv again with JTMS. I only run 1 Bolas so I can afford the extra big spell!  Although Thraximundar  IS my other big spell and I love his hasty 6/6 force opponent to sac a creature, oops now he's a 7/7 beat face! He really keeps opponents from casting any creatures before they can remove him, and in the mean its GG!

I do like your idea of mana leak though! Before it was really not as important cause you could just kill any creature and counter anything else, (damn undying crap). Also how do you like the shock lands, I have been thinking of investing in them, although they are $$$ which I'm sure you know! Also, how does the wurm  work for you? I don't have one but was just curious.

But anyway here is my old sideboard (pre-Innistrad)
4x negate  more control
2x innocent blood  more creature hate
1x consuming vapors  more tough creature hate Thrun etc.
3x pyroclasm  more aggro hate
3x thought hemorrhage  I guess could be exchanged for surgical extraction  but I do not have any
2x phyrexian crusader  alternate win con with protection
Wurm is amazing for me. Like your vapors, it gives me life back, it's a huge blocker, and makes for a deadly attacker as well. I search for him via liliana and draw it up with jace. Boom! New threat to deal with. The colorless mana is nice too, as you don't have to worry about what you drop color wise.
The shocklands OWN! They allow your other lands, the drowned catacomb and dragonskull summit come in play untapped, and they are all searchable by scalding tarn. You really own need to take the shock for maybe t1-3. After that, you can afford to slow down if need be. That's where wurmcoil comes in extra useful cuz of the life loss from your own lands+thoughtseize, all while aggro decks are trying to take you down. The shocklands also shore up your mana base, cuz running triple color is really tough, and I found dropping basic land was killing me cuz it limited my options down the line.
I don't really see the point of Nivvy. He isnt very tough at 4/4, and you get better draw from jace. It seems too..."cute"
Your sb is good...well, was good. Very similar to mine pre-Innistrad! Damn those undying critters!! Haha! But the game evolves and we must evolve with it. I think it honestly plays even better now.

Very solid build! I wonder who would win the mirror match? I bet you on JTMS power alone! Good job solider ;)


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