W/B/u Heartless Ramp

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I have not been doing so well with my B/W tokens the past few weeks at my local FNMs so i decided to just make something else all together.

This deck esentially treats Heartless Summoning as some  form of ramp because essentially it fufils the same purpose as the cards like Sphere of the Suns and Manalith. It is used to get my big guys out faster.

The way the deck is built should give it an advantage if i fight an aggro deck. Between the Wurmcoils gaining me life and the Eleh Norn's and Massacre Wurm's killing their guys. When i begin to construct my sideboard i will add in just a bit more to side against it but all in all i think i'm good in the aggro match up.

I am really unsure as to how a deck like this will play against control and I intend to do some testing against WRR.

I am considering mainboarding 2 ghostquarters and sideboarding 2 more along with at least 2 Sun Titans SB so i have some kind of engine that will keep killing inkmoths and more importantly kessig wolf run.

Pristine Talisman is better than manalith, and lets you offset some initial damage.

Heartless plays like a weird mid-range control shell. You don't have enough answers to stop early aggression. I know WW is hard to get, especially since W/B only has a single set of Dual lands, but I'd much prefer 3 DoJ's, maybe even 4, in place of BSZ. You want answers by turn 4/5 are generally when aggro decks break you down. You won't always have image or sadbot to chump and hold out long enough.
too many big creatures here it seems. have you playtested this? if so how have the creatures been doing

why dont you just run evolving wilds instead of the artifacts to open up more creature slots/draw/whatever. also to fetch your islands faster if need be. or Seachrome Coast or Glacial Fortress or drowned catacomb or darkslick shores to cut out the middleman
False, black bear.