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i am purple dragon officer and i been given the task of getting 10 recruits through training and getting pass a test at the end of training. not normal recruits too,  they are trouble makers and think they are above the rules ( teens of today lol). some are from powerful noble families. so i have to be careful of how i handle it. but i am looking for a good end of training test.  any ideas??

any help would be great


How about you call on the services of a War Wizard to cast a simple illusion that makes several regular Purple Dragon soldiers all look like nobles. One or two in particular will look just like the fathers of your recruits.

Then have your recruits come in and tell them they are going to be on street patrol with you as their leader. You come upon a disturbance: a “brawl” at a tavern or Mask Dancer club, where (your) nobles are busy attacking patrons and harassing the staff of the establishment (everyone either a Purple Dragon soldier or regular staff payed to play along).

You go in first, get “knocked out” by a noble and then it’s left to your recruits to handle the situation.

If they treat the nobles just like regular citizens of Cormyr (which they are, titles not withstanding) then they pass.

If they let the nobles off easy—it’s back to training for them.

If they join in the rabble rousing, they fail.

After things have calmed, you can get back up from prone, ask the War Wizard (in civilian garb) standing high up on the balcony or stairs of the establishment to cease concentrating on his spell, thank the establishment and your fellow Purple Dragons for their help, and then render judgment on your trainees.